April as a “Month of Action” for Neo (NEO)

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NEO, otherwise known as Ethereum of China, had a rough time in the past days as this currency managed to lose over 50% of what it was previously worth, due to the aggressive drops that hit the market. However, due to the most recent losses, the team operating behind NEO has decided to enter and finish April of 2018 with utmost dedication towards the development of this currency, which means that this currency will be keeping it busy in the following weeks. In addition to going behind the scenes of what NEO is working on, we are interested in finding out how Neo is doing at the current moment.

Neo and the Europe Tour

The team behind NEO has recently announced that they are going on a Europe Tour so they would be able to get near massive expansion while promoting their technology to make it more available for potential users and investors, as well as potential partners.

They are definitely keeping it busy as they have decided that after the access NEO had on APAC tour, that they are going to go on a European tour. Some of the cities that they are planning on visiting as stated in their latest announcement are Madrid, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Paris, and Vienna. The tour starts on April 14th in Amsterdam and is scheduled to last until the 26th of April when NEO is finishing its Europe Tour in Zurich.

The event is described as “the biggest event in Europe hosted by NEO” and on this occasion, all attendants will be able to attend meetups and various workshops regarding decentralization and blockchain technology.

Neo has added at the end of their official post when they announced their tour in Europe to the public, that they will be releasing more details on the tour for everyone keeping up with the latest news about Neo.

What is known about the tour so far is that the tour will start off in Amsterdam as the biggest event of this type with over ten different presentations. All presentations will be held by NEO Representative Summit with the integration of Distributed Foundation.

The reason why the team chose Amsterdam for kicking off their tour is the little-known fact that NEO has a great portion of supporters in Amsterdam.

However, before the Europe tour starts, the team representing Neo will be attending a Hackathon held in Japan. This event is scheduled for April 13th, which is only a day before the team heads off to Amsterdam.

On this occasion, everyone included in this event will have the opportunity of creating their own decentralized applications with using NEO technology. Both teams and individuals are welcome to the workshop. It is said that best teams and individuals who made it with doing the best job with Dapps will be rewarded in form of NEO units.

Neo and Microsoft Conjunction

In the most recently announced achievements and highlight events that the team behind NEO has been working on in the past time, the team has highlighted one of the most important – their conjunction with Microsoft.

On this occasion, they have presented over 500 different projects that are waiting to be completed and approved. Of those 500, 50 were marked as clear, that way passing the check. Further from this point, we know that the winners that would get to have their projects funded will be picked from the list of 16 best projects that should be finalized soon enough.

Neo and the Market

Although Neo managed to drop over 50% in the course of only a single month, that way dropping from the [rice of around 130$ per one NEO unit to dealing at around 50$ per one unit.

Although these numbers might fool us into thinking that the market defeated Neo, we can’t forget the fact that the majority of coins were dropping simultaneously with the market, only occasionally soaring only to drop again.

The token even fell below 50$ per one unit, but luckily it soon bounced off to return to the price of 50$ per one NEO coin.

After the latest change in the market, Neo, marked as the 9th best coin according to the global coin ranking list, is now being traded in the green after experiencing gains in the price.

Neo managed to rise for 7% against the dollar, while it also had a rise of over 11% against BTC during the last 24 hours.At the current moment, this coin can be bought at the price of 50.84$ per one NEO unit.


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