Stake Radium (RADS) and earn more than 20% annually: It’s risk-free money!

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Staking is one of the best ways to make money in crypto. It gives you a reliable passive income just for holding coins in your wallet. Unfortunately, most staking coins don’t give much of a return. The average for most coins is 5% p.a. which is quite low, when you factor in the opportunity cost of that money. However, the scenario is quite different with Radium (RADS) coin.

With Radium, you are guaranteed of an annual staking return of over 20%. The return has actually averaged at around 24% all through March. That’s way higher than many other investments out there, crypto or otherwise.

Besides earning from staking, Radium (RADS) has a good upward has the attributes of a coin that will increase in value over time. For instance, it has a very low coin supply of just slightly over 3 million coins. This anchors the value of this crypto given that demand pressure will always push up its value.  More so, now that it has an above average return.  You can expect its demand to stay higher than supply, and push up its value in the long-run. It’s a win-win for stakers.

Another factor that favors stakers of Radium is the technical strength of this coin.  For instance, it has a similar security mechanism to that of bitcoin, but it’s even better. This in itself is a good value anchor this coin considering that security is a major issue in the cryptocurrency space at the moment.  It’s also quite important for stakers to know that the coin they are holding is secure. This factor will continue to drive up the number of Radium stakers, thereby pushing up the volumes of this crypto in the long-run.

On top of that, Radium (RADS) is compatible with the lightening network. This allows it to handle large volume transactions, and do so cost-effectively, and it’s a good thing for stakers.  That’s because, it can be used as a currency, since it can handle large transactions fast, and cheaply. This means adoption too will be higher as blockchain technology gets adopted across the world.

Another great aspect to this coin is that it is compatible with RSK smart contracts. This means that you can use it to develop smart contracts, just like you would with Ethereum. Considering that it is as secure as bitcoin, fast and scalable, it stands a better chance of adoption in Dapps development when compared to many other cryptos in the market.

In essence, staking this coin is pretty much a risk free investment. You earn huge amounts every year from staking, while at the same time making gains from this coin’s value growth. This is probably one of the best coins to hold right now, when the market is uncertain and bearish. It’s a coin that can put you on the path to early retirement, and a good life. Just to give you context, someone staking $100k worth of Radium (RADS) is making over $20k annually, without doing anything.



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