POA Network (POA): The Cryptocurrency to Watch in Q2 2018

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With many Altcoins struggling to get back on their foot, POA Network (POA) seems to sail through and is poised to become a force to reckon with by end of Q2 2018. The coin has been around for a while and is only listed on Binance and Bibox exchanges and it is already a darling to many investors, small and medium businesses.

The great news about the POA Network has the latest start of the art technology aiming at taking small and medium businesses to the next level. This is an Ethereum side chain and is more scalable than the ecosystem it rides on. Small businesses are set to benefit from low transaction fees, fast speeds and increased security.

What’s more? The POA Network (POA) will interconnect developers looking to set up DApps on the platform and as a developer you do not need to develop the entire blockchain. The pre-existing POA infrastructure makes it easy for anyone to develop and launch own applications.

POA Network (POA) Growth

Many blockchain analysts argue POA Network is the blockchain of the future. It has what it takes to solve business problems and put these benefits to the investor pockets.

Once businesses start building on the POA network, a spike on the coin price is very likely. As a public network that combines speed, security and low transaction rates, it is set for mass adoption. This is supported traction the price is garnering in the market.

At the time of writing, the coin has registered and massive 28.02% gain against the dollar and 25.51% to the BTC to trade at $0.435067. This is a major step given that the market is still recovering from the recent slump. The coin is set to remain bullish headed to the $mark by end of July according to crypto-analysts.

Surprising the coin is ranked 104 with a current market cap of $88,721,946 at the time of writing which is a huge growth when compared to a market capitalization of $ 56,624,600 48 hours ago. A total of $79,260,500 changed hands in the last 24 hours with Binance pushing over 96% of the total volume.

POA Network (POA) Future

Being listed on Binance will give POA a global reach and appeal to the masses. The Exchange choice as their natural route to market vessel is a sure way of adding value to the coin. This will also create awareness on what the network is all about. This means more blockchain based networks will seamlessly share their digital assets and more applications with millions of users to come onboard.

Increased application launch on the POA Network is also guaranteed by the ecosystem. With more decentralized applications supported by smart contracts, the platform will benefit from mass adoption to low transaction costs.

Looking at the current POA Network (POA) coin volumes being pushed through Binance, the sky is the limit for the coin value. With more major exchanges expected to list POA, the value proposition to the investor should not be a big deal. The continued uptrend is just the beginning of better things to come.

Is it About Time to Buy POA Coin?

At the price of $0.434765, it is a sure bet but away from the price tag, it is a coin of the future you can invest on the DApps function and build applications that will drive the economy of the future. The more DApps built on the platform, the better for the entire community.

The POA Network (POA) coin is ripe for adoption given its strong foundation on the Ethereum ecosystem. From a technical point of view, the coin will hit the $1 mark before end of Q2 if the market signs of recovery continue.


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