Elastos (ELA) – A great buy for value investors

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The crypto market might have started the year on a low note in 2018, but it’s also a great opportunity to invest in great projects. One of the best projects to invest in at the moment is Elastos (ELA). This is one of those projects that have the potential for mass adoption going into the future. Signs of it adoption are already there, with an airline company announcing that it would be partnering with it, to allow travelers pay for services using Elastos tokens. That’s a big reap forward for this crypto. As adoption grows, so will its market value, in the long run.

But that’s not the only reason why you should be looking to invest in Elastos (ELA). There is also the fact that Elastos gives you the opportunity to invest in amazing Dapps early, before everyone else. That’s because Elastos holders have the right to buy first into all ICOs for Dapps that run through the Elastos platform.

Anyone who has ever participated in an ICO knows how difficult it is to buy into good projects. Most of them sell out in minutes, and you never really get the chance to participate. That’s the advantage that all Elastos holders have. With the first-come advantage, you will never miss out on any amazing projects at launch. This can make you wealthy if you play your cards right, by investing in the right projects.

Elastos (ELA) also literally gives you free money just for holding the Elastos token. How is that? Well, Elastos intends to airdrop token holders with a percentage of all new tokens launched through the Elastos blockchain. That’s free money, and if those projects are successful, you can make a lot of money. That’s not the kind of privilege you get on other blockchain projects in the market today.

But it’s not just free money that should drive you to invest in Elastos. There is also the fact that it is tackling a problem that most people have to deal with on a day-to-day basis in the digital age. That’s the problem of digital ownership. The way things are structured, digital data mostly benefits big corporations like Google and Facebook.

The people who generate that data never really get to make anything from it. And don’t for one minute think that the data you generate isn’t worth much. Thanks to blockchain technology, a digital rose recently sold for $1 million. That’s how valuable digital assets can be, and Elastos is allowing you to own them.

In essence, by investing in Elastos, you are actually participating in changing society, by giving data owners the opportunity to make money from their digital assets. This is the one platform that could play a critical role in ending inequality, by allowing everyone who has anything of value, including creative content, to make money off it.

Of course, with such power, the value potential for Elastos (ELA) is quite high too. It’s low supply is also a plus to its future value growth.


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