Verge (XVG) Has Just Released a Brand New Wallet: Here is How You Can Install it and Use it!

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It seems that Verge (XVG) started off with a series of gains during the last 24 hours as this currency has just released a new wallet for storing XVG units. With numerous great features and with “easy-to-use” policy the dev team behind XVG currency seem to have really stepped up its game. Already trading head to head with the top 20 cryptocurrencies according to the global coin report, Verge (XVG) is currently being traded up against the dollar and BTC while almost the entire market is plummeting. This is no wonder because the new Core Wraith Wallet is up and running for fast transactions and strong security.

All the Reasons to Love New Verge Wallets

The latest Verge Wallets, called Core Wraith Wallets, are made to be used on all operative systems, which included Windows, Linux, and OSX. IN addition to being available for use on desktop operative systems, Verge also has wallets that are designed to be used as a smartphone app, which means that you can use these wallets on Android operative system. The team is still working on developing a version of a wallet that could be used for storing XVG in a wallet available for the iOS operative system. The date of the release for iOS is still not available, but it is certain that the dev team is working on its development.

The wallets are said to possess an anonymity feature that allows all users to be certain that their identities will remain safe and undiscovered. This is enabled thanks to the advanced combination of technology where XVG uses numerous networks like TOR and I2P, which are all focused on increased anonymity.

This level of anonymity is “easily” reached as Verge uses TOR as a built-in for its Core Wallets, having it deeply integrated into the technology of these wallets, as well as SSL which is used for creating strong encryptions that keep users’ identities protected from the public and safe from hacker attacks.

One of the handiest features is the addition of having fast transactions with payments being processed in 30 seconds or less, which is a pretty fast processing time even for a crypto. In addition to the fast processing time of every transaction, new wallets have support for multiple platforms, high volumes of circulation and the potential for mass adoption of these protocols. You can also choose whether you want to make your transactions in complete privacy which is made possible thanks to string encryptions or go for another option – making transactions on a public ledger.

In case you are an XVG holder and we got you interested in checking out the new Core Wraith wallet, here is how you can install it.

How to Install the New Verge Wallet

Here is how you can simply install the new wallet to keep- your XVG safe, in only a couple of steps.

  • Step 1

For starters, you can go to Verge currency’s official website and scroll all the way down to the part of the website where you can find the Developers Tab and find Our Github Repository.

It will take you to Github where you will find Verge Releases.

You are looking for the latest version which can be found under 4.0.1 fork for stealth. Click on it and there will be a pop-up window following up, which should take you to the installation specifications.

  • Step 2

Next, you will accept the proposed download for installation of the program on your computer. The file will contain two additional files. You will click on the second file as visible in the image below.

In case you haven’t installed your blockchain, you will need to do it before the installation takes place. You can easily do this by visiting as shown in the image below.


You will pick the server number 1 and the installation will begin. It will take some time to download it. Once your blockchain is downloaded, add it to file where your Verge wallet files are stored.

  • Step 3

Once you install the blockchain and the wallet is installed, it will take more than a couple of minutes to fully load the blockchain, when the wallet will become operational. In case you don’t go ahead and download the blockchain from the website first, the loading will take a couple of days.

Wait for the application to sync before you are able to use it. Feel free to close it and open it again in case the wallet is having issues with synchronization.

Verge (XVG) and the Market

After the release of the new wallet that is promising more functional environment for all Verge (VXG) users, it seems that the team has lived up to expectations because XVG is rising against the dollar and BTC as the majority of currencies as dropping.

XVG can be bought at the price of 0.063$ after the latest change in the market that brought Verge (XVG) up to 17.72%, which is actually an amazingly progressive pace of growth.

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