Mithril (MITH) Thrill: The Best Social Media Coin to Buy 2018

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With many social media coins trading on the red, Mithril (MITH) defies all odds and continues to trade in the green. This is the latest decentralized social media network riding on the Ethereum ecosystem set to revolutionize how social media impacts on your social lifestyle. It works well with existing social media platforms. Mithril is set to thrill your social network experience.

Mithril (MITH) comes with a twist, a reason for every social media user to invest and participate. This is not your usual pastime and connection building platform; you get paid for your contribution. You are rewarded as a content developer through social mining. This is a fun way of earning and your only investment is time.

Why Buy Mithril (MITH) in 2018?

This is Q2 and it is the right time to make your year investment decision. If you have been into social media, it is about time you looked at the monetary gains that you derive from your favorite social network. If it does not put money into your bank account, Mithril does. Any second you spend on traditional social media, you lose money; it is about time you earned from your participation.

Investing in Mithril (MITH) is the right decision you can make. The coin is currently cheap and will not remain the same in the coming few months.  The coin is just under $1 and you can invest a few bucks and sit back wait for the coin to appreciate. The current bearish cryptocurrency market offers you an opportunity to buy and HODL.

Why Put Stakes on Mithril (MITH)?

The coin performance in the market looks promising; at the time of writing, MITH is among the top 30 gainers in the last 24 hours with a surge of 29.89% and more gains are anticipated. It is currently trading at $0.232517. Given the state of the market in the last quarter, there is more in the coin than what is on the surface for the coin.

This could be an interesting investment and the whitepaper puts it very clear:

“As users produce valuable, user-generated content on the network, they will earn MITH via Social Mining. Their mining rewards will be directly linked to their influence and success as a contributor on the network. The more network value they bring to the platform, the more MITH they will earn. All mining efforts and rewards will initially transact via the Ethereum Network.”

If the above is anything to write home about, MITH is a game changer in the social media world. Creating content via social media exposes the creator to a larger readership base and the more you entice them the more MITH token you get for rewards.

Mithril (MITH) Market Penetration Strategy

As per the platform goals, 350 million MITH tokens are expected to enter the social media market. With this amount in circulation show a clear indication of the market reach. To make the coins valuable, the total coins in circulation will be halved annually until they are distributed to the user.

When all the coins are distributed, the value of MITH will increase. This means this is the right time to buy because the coins are plenty. The more they continue to be distributed among users, the scarcer they become. This means the price will skyrocket and holders will benefit in a few years to come.

How will you spend your MITH Tokens?

Simply put, Mithril (MITH) is the platform that is fuelled by MITH token which is a spendable asset. You can convert it to another cryptocurrency and fiat from exchanges where it is listed. The team behind the coin is working on an affiliate network of merchants accepting MITH.

Currently you can exchange your MITH at OKEx and is paired with BTC, USDT and ETH. More exchanges are in the offing. Soon you will be able to spend your MITH in dating sites, premium content outlets or directly exchange it with Bitcoin or Ethereum. Mithril (MITH) is still in beta but ending shivers down the established social media spines.


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