Justin Sun Claims New Victories for TRON (TRX) in His Latest Tweet

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The main objective behind TRON (TRX) currency as stated in their official whitepaper is to create a unique ecosystem that offers free entertainment without the interaction of third parties or “middleman”. It seems that TRON is succeeding in this goal, as Justin Sun just announced that TRON officially conquered Korea. Let’s see what is next for TRON and how is Justin Sun planning on sky-rocket his “baby” to the moon in the following months.

Justin Sun Latest Tweet on TRON

Besides from usually tweeting on how far better TRON (TRX) is when compared to Ethereum, Justin Sun is involved with his followers and TRX enthusiasts via social media, often updating on novelties regarding TRON (TRX). This is a pretty solid strategy since there are millions and millions of users on every social media at all times. This is also how Sun has his followers updated on TRX and further plans for development.

In his latest tweet, Justin Sun announced that after having TRON expanding in Korea, it is planned to have further expansion in Southeast Asia, which would include Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand.

TRON is already working on a goal of having Tron (TRX) users freely uploading media content they have ownership to in order to establish their ownership over media and intellectual property. This way, users who are involved in sharing media can also earn TRX in that process. The more likes and shares one user have and with their content trending up, the more TRX will that user be able to earn through this process.

This is at the same time a great way of revolutionizing the way the internet is working – freely published content that you can get paid for without the middleman cutting your earnings, like it is the case with YouTube, Google, and similar services.

The content being shared through TRON is transparent, easily uploaded, and private on demand while allowing the owner of content to get paid without third parties having their way with the uploaded media and other content.

To get back to the actual tweet posted by Justin Sun himself – in the tweet Sun claims that TRON is ready for further expansion, which potentially means that the team led by Justin Sun is working on new partnerships and new projects.

With already having established multiple partnerships, it would be a great addition if TRON would manage to collect more partnership on its way of conquering southeast Asia, which could eventually over time increase the physical value of TRX currency, although the price doesn’t always match the true more important value from the technological point of view.

Talking about TRON’s expansion by far, we can easily pick a project that we believe was one of the turning points for TRON. We are referring to a playful and fun game set on TRON blockchain system – TRON Pet Planet. This game allows you to play while earning and it was “accidentally” launched in the year representing this year’s Chinese New Year, which is in the sign of Dog (China is celebrating New Year in February with each year being marked by a Chinese sign). In this occasion it isn’t hard to imagine that almost every person in China who uses or is planning on using blockchain technology more likely decided to go for TRON and give Pet Plan a chance given the fact that the game is revolving around cute and fun dogs, which is the lucky symbol of the year for China.

It also isn’t as difficult to imagine that TRON might take over another project that will help the TRX team have a breakthrough in Southeast Asia as well. It is more than obvious as concluded by Sun’s latest tweet that the team behind TRX is already working on reaching the goal Sun has set for TRON.

Anyone who follows up with TRON surely knows that Justin Sun is an active Twitter user, so it is most likely that we will be hearing more about their strategy revolving around TRX expansion to the rest of Asia.

Tron and the Market

As many currencies are trying to step out from the rough currents of ever-changing market demands, TRON (TRX) is slowly starting to show signs of improvement when it comes to the current situation in the market.

After the latest change in the market in the last 24 hours, TRON has gone up to 1.64% against the dollar, which means that it is currently trading in the green.

However, TRX is trading in the red against BTC and ETH while going down by -4.08% and -3.19% against these currencies, which means that ETH and BTC are going up as well.

Tron (TRX) can now be purchased at the price of 0.037$ at the current moment.


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