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Yoyow (YOYO) seems to be taking the content ownership to the next level. As the acronym shows, You Own Your Words and this has positive impact on content monetization. This is a digital coin targets the creative mind. The system makes your content monetization easy, reliable and stable. It gives you control over who advertises on your content and much more.

This is a decentralized market place where content creators, consumers and curators interact whilst getting rewarded. This is a very stable ecosystem where monetization through advertising is made easy. The system pays for your creativity thus enabling you take your passion to the next level.  You do not have to struggle getting your content creation project going, Yoyow has you covered.

Simply put, this is a revenue sharing platform where income is generated in a fair and transparent manner. You get paid with the platform native YOYOW tokens.  This sis a blockchain based network where users rate your work and you get rewarded. You can now monetize your blogs, photos and videos on this amazing platform.

Yoyow (YOYO) Price in the Marketplace

Yoyow (YOYO) is making inroads in to the marker steadily and has a marker cap of 19.7million and the coin is trading at $0.077258 against the dollar after marginally gaining 8.82% in the last 24 hours. The coin seems to be doing well against other cryptocurrencies. The token is trading at 0.00001179 against BTC with gains of 12.64% and 0.55320900 to the BTS which translates into 12.28% gain.

In the markets, the coin is gaining a lot of support from Binance and OKEx accounting for 37.58% and 22.54% on days trading volumes. This is after $3.39 million YOYOW tokens changed hands. From the historical data, the volume seems to be on the rise and this could mean one thing; the coin acceptance and adoption is on the rise.

Content creators, curators and users are realizing the real life benefit of the platform hence the current surge in adoption and trading on the coin. The price might not be what the investors expecting but soon it will surge and trade at $1. The positive sings are coming through when the market is not performing well and the coin is set to rise as other players in the market recover.

Here is what makes the Yoyow System Tick

As a content developer, the popularity of your content is what brings more rewards.  This is done transparently using the blockchain technology. Picking content that is popular is done through complex algorithms that are based on user preferences. As a content creator, you cannot manipulate the system rather Your Own Your Own Words and the community rewards what the content is worth.

The rewards you get are in form of shares generated through the profit the company accumulates. You are in charge of what you post on the platform and are in full control.  There is a lot of elasticity across the platform and quality guarantees high profits through the proof-of-taste protocol. The beauty of the entire concept is that creators, spreaders and third parties get rewarded when they share content to other social networks.

Yoyow (YOYO) and AXE Exchange Market Penetration

Axe has already listed YOYOW in their exchange and trading will be live from April 9th according to the platform twitter handle. However, you can still deposit your coin at the exchange prior to the launch date. This could be the moment many investors and content developers have been anticipation. This adds to the number of exchanges that the coin is listed.

Yoyow has hit the ground running and has been listed on the AXE exchange with a lot of hype.  Users and adopters have a chance to get rewarded with free YOYOW tokens. The give-a-way is running from 4th to April 14th and Yoyow is giving out a whopping 1,500,000 coins as part of their plans to increase their subscriber base and test the digital currency usability in the market.

As a blockchain based content incentive platform, Yoyow (YOYO) business models is quite solid and a good platform to invest, however, due diligence is a must and a simple background check. As a user, you are the beneficiary and a simple way of increasing your digital coin portfolio.



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