The Reason Why April 8th is the Magic Date for DigixDAO (DGD)

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We’ve been hearing about DigixDAO (DGD) ever since this currency had a crowdfunding hosted by Ethereum where it was successfully launched as an ICO, accepted to rest on Ethereum’s chains. DigixDAO was thus launched as a voting token on Ethereum, serving the purpose of buying the rights to vote on any matter that gets submitted to Digix – a small portion of DGD Network hosted on Ethereum. However, DGD became more interesting, especially to investors, when they decided to launch their own tokens: DGX, or Digix GOLD. Since Digix GOLD is in the main focus of our discussion, let’s see what is waiting for crypto enthusiasts around the globe on April 8th.

What Will Happen on April 8th?

One of the reasons that made DigixDAO (DGD) more attractive to investors is the fact that DGD team decided to create their own token, called DGX, or Digix GOLD. What the most interesting thing about this token is, is that each token represents 1 gram of gold.

And as we all know, whether we can brag about having experience in investing or not, gold is maybe the most stable fiat value currently available. That means that DGX tokens have what not many coins can brag about: stability in the market.

If we take a look at other cryptocurrencies and at cryptos in general, you can notice that the price of these interesting digital assets is not as stable as investors would probably like. One day your favorite coin or token is reaching great heights with a prompt pace of growth, but next week you have lost 50% of what your wallet was worth the week before.

This case scenario is what many developers working on blockchain technology and cryptos are looking to avoid.

Now, if you think about DGX tokens, you can’t miss on noticing that since these digital assets represent a fiat value that owns a great portion of utmost stability, you can easily conclude that DGX tokens that represent 1 gram of gold.

So how are these babes acquired?

For starters, you need to own a portion of DGD tokens that are hosted on Ethereum’s platform.

Step two would be getting involved in the vivid life of Digix community where you will help make decisions as a community by using your DGD tokens. The more tokens you own, the more votes you are entitled to. It is practically the same as with working with shares. With that philosophy, it all comes to the point that the person that owns the most shares in a certain company will have the most partake in the future and the faith of that company. So basically, by using DGD tokens, you are participating in important decision making.

As a reward of being an active member and a faithful investor, you are getting DGX, Digix GOLD tokens, while having each DGX token worth 1 gram of gold that is a part of 30 tons of gold being kept safe in the Safe House vault that is located in Singapore.

In the future as the idea of DGX tokens is expanding, the team is planning on having different vaults of gold spread around the globe.

So, this was basically the only way that anyone could get a hold of Digix GOLD – a pretty stable coin with a pretty predictable (bright) future.

But now, everything is changing.

Back at the need of March, on March 26th, the dev team behind DGD tokens announced that they will be releasing Digix Gold for live trading! This is the utmost exciting news as that means that people will now be able to buy DGX tokens directly from exchange markets where DGX tokens will get listed.

The date set for realizing Digix Gold, DGX, for live trading is April 8th, which is now only a couple of days far.

DigixDAO and the Market

It seems that the news of having DGX released for live trading in a couple of days is working some magic on  DGD tokens, as DigixDAO (DGD) has seen a pretty good day today as it started to trade in the green.

After the most recent change in the market, DGD has risen up against the dollar by 10.49%, which means that DigixDAO is doing pretty well as we are waiting for Digix Gold to get released for live trading.

DigixDAO (DGD) has also gone up against BTC and ETH for 14.25% and 15.37%, which can bring to a conclusion that DGD is showing better performance in oppose to major coins in the past 24 hours.

At the current moment, DigixDAO tokens can be purchased 223.01$ per one unit after the 10% rise against the dollar.

Do you think there will be more significant rises for DGD as we are waiting for April 8th?



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