Stellar (XLM): Guess Who Just Got Listed on ABRA

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Stellar (XLM), an altcoin ranked among the top 10 best cryptocurrencies set on the 8th spot on the global coin ranking list seems to be doing pretty well as XLM just got listed on Abra. Whenever a coin gets listed, that means that its attainability and liquidity gets almost immediately increased in accordance with having been added to yet another exchange. This way, the more exchanges there are that are willing to add a certain coin to the list, the more potential investors will there be for the listed currency. How well deserved this listing is and what is next for Stellar?

Stellar Gets Listed on Abra

Abra started off in 2014, powered up by a generous amount of 12 million dollars provided by a massive investment group. That is how Abra was able to start working as a tech and finance company that became the most known for its payment services. These mobile payments services can be used on iOS and Android, thus making it one of the easiest way of making fats and cheap transactions.

Abra, just like other exchange markets, uses Bitcoin for providing its service, but there will be some implemented changes in the following month of April that will involve LiteCoin and the technology used for LTC.

With this improvement, Abra users will be able to make fast transactions and make deposits between any two smartphones, easily and on-the-fly.

When the team behind this company made an announcement about adding Stellar to their list of trading currencies, they have also stated that they will be adding the remaining 7 altcoins as previously planned, among which they also mentioned Stellar (XLM).

Besides from listing Stellar, Abra also added Bitcoin Gold and DigiByte.

With Abra payment application, you can easily save and trade with 20 different cryptocurrencies while also having 50 more fiat currencies available for exchange on Abra platform.

What makes Abra special is the fact that this company actually made it with creating the first ever combined exchange market that is at the same time an electronic wallet where you can store all the coins that are available on Abra exchange, having 20 cryptos in total to invest in.

Given the fact that Abra is an exchange available for all users in the US, it makes even a greater victory for Stellar to get listed on this clever combination of an e-wallet and exchange market. This is because the currencies listed on exchange markets available in the US are usually the coins and tokens with the highest liquidity. Furthermore, that allows Stellar to become more interesting to investors, adding more stamina to its already established reputation in the world of cryptocurrencies.

IBM and Stellar Lumens

Talking about progress, we can miss on mentioned a very important partnership that was established back in October of 2017. Of course, we are talking about Stellar partnering up with IBM. IBM is known as tech giant, so it is redundant to say that Stellar did benefit and will continue to benefit from this partnership.

The main reason to believe that the partnership that XLM made with IBM is potentially and at the same the most important partnership they will acquire. The reason to believe that is hidden in the fact that this partnership could help Stellar in the future especially regarding their project called Lumens, which could bring them a direct connection with banks and banking institutions around the globe.

That means that potentially, Stellar could reach new heights in the world of fast and cheap transactions powered up with blockchain technology.

Stellar (XLM) and the Market

Ranked as the 8th best coin according to the global coin ranking list, Stellar is being drawn into what seems to be the trend of the day – trading in the red while losing on its price.

After the latest change in the market, Stellar (XLM) has fallen down by -0.35%, which means that this currency is trading in the red against the dollar. In oppose to that fact, XLM is at the same time trading in the green as it is experiencing rises against BTC, rising up by 1.38% against Bitcoin.

That can take us to a conclusion that BTC is not doing particularly well either as Bitcoin is dropping along with the market as well.

With the recent situation in the market, Stellar can be bought at the price of 0.194$ per one unit. The recorded all-time best price of XLM was marked on January 3rd when this coin started to deal at around 0.71$ per one unit. As we can easily notice, XLM is currently being traded far lower than its record price, but since Stellar seems to be full of positive surprises, there is no doubt that Stellar (XLM) should rise back up in the following months.


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