Aelf (ELF) – The candy system will open up demand for this crypto

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Aelf (ELF) is one of the most scalable blockchains in the crypto market. And now it is implementing a program that will create awareness about its strong features. The program dubbed the candy system will play a major role in pushing up volumes on this crypto. So what is it all about?

The candy system is all about rewarding users for completing tasks, especially those aimed at spreading the word about Aelf. One of the ways in which users can win awards through the program is by attracting new users to the Aelf crypto program.  This will transform the fortunes of Aelf for good, because existing users have the incentive to attract their friends to the platform. As more people buy in, you can expect the volumes of Aelf coins traded to increase, something that will have an impact on its price. It’s a powerful word of mouth strategy that will push the value of this crypto in 2018 and beyond.

Users can also earn Aelf (ELF) tokens by twitting and retweeting Aelf content on their twitter accounts. This approach is guaranteed to push up the social media engagement of this crypto. Social media is one of the best ways that cryptocurrencies attract new investors. Therefore, by building up a strong social media presence through the Candy system, you can rest assured that the overall demand for this crypto will increase in the long-run. But it’s not just the candy system marketing plan that will push up trading volumes in coming days. Its fundamentals too will play a role.  Marketing is only serving to create awareness for an already strong project.

Aelf is probably one of the few smart contract platforms that have solved the problem of scalability. That’s because it makes use of self-evolving chains, which allow for the creation of any kinds of smart contracts, without affecting the integrity of the main chain.  It also has a very efficient cross-chain communication, which enables for fast transactions. In fact, one million transactions can through the Aelf blockchain without slowing down the system. In essence, Aelf is the perfect blockchain for large corporations. Those whose applications might become inefficient if done through Ethereum, or other Ethereum like blockchains. This is a fundamental strength to this crypto that anchors its long-term value growth.

Besides, the team ofAelf (ELF) has announced that they are beta testing a cold storage wallet. This wallet will give investors the confidence to put in this crypto, without having to worry about keeping their money on exchanges.

In essence, the candy system is only creating awareness for a crypto that already has everything going for it. As more people get to learn of the power of this crypto, you can expect its value to rise up substantially. In fact, if the candy system is successful; and it most likely will be, since it is incentive-based,Aelf (ELF) could easily go back to its January highs of over $2.


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