Ripple XRP is Working around the Clock to Get What it Needs

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Ripple XRP – It is not by an accident that you become the world’s third-best coin, which Ripple seems to be demonstrating day-by-day. That is how XRP is dominating the cryptoverse with all sorts of news, which at the same time shows us that Ripple wants to go beyond the status it is currently holding. Known by cross-border payments and cheap and fast transactions, Ripple is taking off the market dip with some interesting ventures, some of which even shocked the public. What Ripple has been up to these days and what are the novelties revolving around this coin?

Ripple is Paying to get Listed

Apparently, Ripple XRP has made an offer to two exchange markets by far by offering financial incentives to both targeted exchanges. The exchanges that were offered to list Ripple with getting a financial compensation are Gemini and Coinbase. Offering money in exchange for getting listed on the market isn’t a strange case in the world of investments and business ventures, however, it hasn’t been yet recorded that any of the currencies or foundations in a strongly unregulated ecosystem has ever offered any type of financial incentives in exchange for getting listed.

That would make Ripple the first blockchain-based start-up to be proposing this kind of offer. To make these exchanges make up their mind for adding Ripple onto the board, Ripple has offered 1 million dollars in cash, in addition to giving Gemini 100 million dollars in XRP so that Gemini could trade these coins by themselves and make some profit.

Although these details were provided by Bloomberg, adding that the source was pretty reliable, one of the Ripple’s representatives denied some of this info as true, adding that they are just trying to make Ripple into the fastest coin with cheap transactions and the highest liquidity.

Ripple and Metal Trading

Ripple XRP has acquired yet another partnership, this time partnering up with a Slovenian metal trading company. On this occasion, the partnership was concluded with a project called eMetal. With this project, Ripple and BPG Group, a Slovenian company, will work together on enabling users to invest in the metal industry and trade with metals.

Ripple and the Remittance Industry

At the beginning of April, a couple of days ago, it was announced that one of the Ripple’s representatives will be joining the Global Money Transfer Summit along with 9 other speakers with the goal of discussing novelties in the remittance industry.

This is actually a huge opportunity for Ripple XRP and its investors as the representative team will have the chance of presenting Ripple’s idea for global money transfers that could potentially revolutionize and help the evolvement of the remittance industry.

Ripple and Allvor

Allvor is marked as the first cryptocurrency to be hosted on Ripple’s ledger. By adding Allvor to its ledger, Ripple has actually made a significant step towards becoming stronger in the market and more appreciated among investors which could very soon result in having XRP back and beyond around its all-time high price.

Allvor is “specialized” in e-commerce with a strong focus on sales up and running on the superior blockchain ledger of Ripple network.

On this occasion, it was stated by the Allvor project team that Ripple XRP is in no way sponsoring their currency. Allvor is only hosted by Ripple and it exists as an independent blockchain project. The Allvor team decided to use Ripple’s ledger which was agreeable with the XRP team, as this currency doesn’t have its own platform at this moment.

So, basically, Allvor is using XRP Ledger, which is said to be the best and the most advanced database technology ever to be made.

Ripple and the Market

After the most recent change in the market, XRP started to trade in the red against the dollar. In the last 24 hours, Ripple XRP has dropped by -2.49% against the dollar which means that XRP is currently available for trading at 0.49$ per one unit.

The third best coin on the global coin ranking list is still far from its all-time high when compared to the current state in the market.

The record price of XRP was achieved at the beginning of January, but since then as XRP was caught in the rough currents of the market dip, its price significantly decreased against the dollar.

In case Ripple XRP would manage to get listed on Gemini and Coinbase as planned, the price of this currency would most possibly go up as a pretty predictable consequence.



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