Do not Miss the Opportunity to Buy Groestlcoin [GRS] when it’s Cheap

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Groestlcoin [GRS] is not a new cryptocurrency. It’s been around for more than 4 years. The fact that you don’t know about it isn’t surprising, for Groestlcoin hasn’t spent a single dollar on advertising. Their development team works in the shadows as well. However, this multi-platform payment cryptocurrency has everything to become the frontrunner in coming years. Those who know about it have only good things to say about Groestlcoin, and when you learn about its working, you’ll realize why there’s a golden opportunity for you to buy Groestlcoin for as cheap as $0.92.

Reasons to Buy Groestlcoin GRS so Cheap

  1. Groestlpay app

Groestlcoin [GRS] has its own wallet available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Chromebook. But the Groestlpay app lets you make instant payments in GRS through your Groestlcoin wallet. All you have to do is scan the QR code of the recipient and enter the amount of GRS you wish to send. There is a small transaction fee of about $0.0001 charged with each transaction, but payment takes 1-3 seconds. It is the best way to make instant payments. The price of GRS is going to increase as they are finally starting to promote the service.

  1. Tech miles ahead of most others

While most cryptocurrencies are struggling with scalability issues, Groestlcoin will have no such problems. It was the first cryptocurrency to be SegWit activated, and their protocol was the first to be Lightning Network ready. Problems in handling instant payments and facing scalability issues? Not with Groestlcoin! They have been working on improving their service since the beginning, and in Groestlcoin you have a multi-platform decentralized payment system which will surely attract millions soon.

  1. Added to more exchanges and added Electrum servers

GRS increased its number of Electrum servers from 80 to 120 in Q1 2018. These are way more than what other cryptocurrencies offer. GRS is now also listed on a number of exchanges like Crypto Wolf, BarterDX, CoinSwitch, as well as Bittylicious, which allows you to buy GRS directly from USD, EUR, and GBP. Coinbit will also list GRS from April, and 18,000 GRS will be given away for free.

  1. GroestlTip makes it easier to tip for live video content

Streamers have to rely on tips and advertisements for funds, while viewers get valuable insight by watching quality streamers show what they are doing. Tipping is a service that encourages streamers to continue doing the good work, and with GroestlTip there’s a faster and simpler way of tipping. You can simply send GRS to any streamer who accepts them. The payments are instant and the transaction fee minimal.

  1. Multi-party payments and accidental currency payment protection help you

With Groestlcoin [GRS] the funds are only transferred when multiple parties sign it. Although you have control over your Groestlcoin wallet since it is in your system or smartphone and password protected, this protects your funds. Also, Groestlcoin blocks payments made in other cryptocurrencies. People often send the wrong cryptocurrency to an address since they have to manage so many wallets and altcoins. When Groestlcoin detects a different cryptocurrency, it rejects the payment, thus saving you from possible problems.

Although these are more of the features and the general working behind Groestlcoin, they show how good a service it is and why the cryptocurrency has everything to make it big. Now that Groestlcoin is investing in promotions, the stock price is going to surge and so is the price. If you don’t have GRS yet, now’s the time to pounce on the opportunity. Experts predict that it will cross the $5 mark by the end of 2018, which will be a huge growth compared to its present $0.9 price. Groestlcoin is touted by many to overthrow Litecoin as the fastest and the most popular multi-platform decentralized payment system. That in itself should tell you everything you need to know about Groestlcoin [GRS] potential.


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