It’s freebie season on Binance! Don’t miss out (IOSToken, QLC token)

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Binance has built a reputation of taking care of its customers. That’s why they only list top quality coins and tokens, to protect investor value.

One of the top quality tokens they have listed on the platform is the IOSToken (IOST).  And now, Binance is celebrating the listing of this token on Binance, by giving away some of them out for free. Yap, you got that right, you stand the chance to get IOST tokens at no charge.  Sound’s exciting right? So how do you go about it? To receive the free IOST tokens, you need to hold IOSTokens on Binance.

The top 500 Binance accounts with more than 100,000 IOST will share out 4 million IOST. However, if there are not enough accounts with these amounts, then the tokens will be split equally amongst all those who meet the qualification. But here is the juicy part, Binance offers five lucky account holders the chance to participate in a draw where they can get a share of 1 million IOSTokens on offer. To take part in this draw, you just need to trade at least 0.5 Bitcoin all through the competition period.

But that’s not the only freebie that Binance is giving out. Binance is also celebrating the listing of QLC tokens by giving away 3 million QLC million. The competition started between the 29th of March and ends on the 5th of April.  To win, you need to trade in as many QLC tokens as possible. The most active account will receive a cool 300k QLC tokens. The second account will receive 200k QLC tokens, with the third getting 100k. But not being in the top 3 doesn’t mean that you are losing out. If your account falls between the 4th and 10th position, you will get a split share of 400k QLC tokens. That’s still a good amount. Up your volumes now before the competition ends tomorrow, and make some money.

Just in case you are thinking that this is just a gimmick, just note that Binance has already completed another competition and given away thousands of QTUM coins. To be specific, the platform has given away 50k QTUM coins in the now-concluded competition.

Such giveaways are a great way to attract more users to the Binance platform. As the users grow, so will the trading volumes on Binance, and its long stability as the leading crypto exchange.  Let’s also not forget that a good reputation and a larger clientele is a great thing for holders of Binance (BNB) coins.  That’s because the value of this coin is directly linked to the number of users, and levels of activity on the Binance platform. In essence, anyone holding Binance coins is somewhat guaranteed of the long-term growth of their portfolio.

Personally, I am very bullish on Binance coins right now. The exchanges marketing strategies, and the way it handled the recent hacking attempts are all pointers to a good future.  But let’s not dwell so much on Binance coins right nowJ. The immediate priority is to win some IOSToken and QLC tokens.  Let’s get this money guys!


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