Ardor (ARDR) is Making Waves to Reach $2

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It isn’t hard to miss out on some great performing coins, like Ardor (ARDR) in this case, as we have more and more cryptocurrencies being launched and traded on the crypto market from year to year. However, it is pretty difficult not to notice when a coin like Ardor is making waves and embracing amazing increases in a short period of time, so naturally, the public got more interested in finding out what Ardor is and what this currency is all about. Let’s see how ARDR has been doing these days and how this currency managed to jump to 44th place in the global coin ranking list as quickly as it did.

Everything You Should Know About Ardor

Ardor (ARDR) is said to be a perfect platform for business owners and institutions that are in need of using blockchain technology for the purpose of completing their ventures. That means that Ardor is actually working with Blockchain-as-a-Service protocol, otherwise known as BaaS, which makes it perfect for the needs of different types of business and institutions.

However, Ardor is taking its main objective to a whole new level of blockchain-based operations, addressing existing issues that can be found on similar platforms that are meant for business purposes. To address all issues found in various platforms with a similar objective, the team behind ARDR has come to the idea of making their platform more scalable in order to meet all needs and requirements their investors and users have while representing their business or institution. That is how ARDR platform is operating with a single main chain while having child chains that are maximally customizable. Having customizable side chains (child chains), means that the main chain is holding the role of a blockchain-based decentralized platform while dealing with encryption, operations, and security, while child chains are made to be used for different business-oriented purposes.

This type of infrastructure is already seen in several blockchain platforms, but Ardor made it unique in a way by allowing all users and investors to take advantage of child chains in order to make any kind of application they need. Given the fact that child chains are perfectly scalable and maximally customizable, users don’t have to invest in making customizable chains by themselves as they already have what they need on ARDR platform.

More importantly, Ardor (ARDR) is aiming at democratizing blockchain technology and the idea of using the decentralized platform, which is the exact thing that Nxt project was all about. So, in case you are wondering, the team standing behind ARDR currency and its platform is the same team that once worked on Nxt project, which is at the same time one of the first ICOs launched back in 2013. That is how many people like to call Ardor Nxt 2.0, considering Ardor to be an improved version of Nxt.

This is not far from the actual truth as the dev team behind Nxt created Ardor while addressing all project flaws that Nxt originally possessed when it was first launched as an ICO. By resolving the problems they had with Nxt, the dev team has thus managed to create a more functional platform that will allow the democratization of blockchain technology.

That is how ARDR can brag about fast transactions with low fees with only 60 seconds of processing time, which is pretty fast even for a blockchain-based transaction. Moreover, Ardor is extremely scalable, while solving major scalability issues that many other platforms are struggling with.

That is how it is no surprise to see ARDR rising as fast, even in the market overflowed with hundreds and hundreds of different currencies.

Ardor (ARDR) in the Market

While at the end of January this currency managed to reach an all-time high of over 2$ per one unit, ARDR started to plummet driven by the tough market dip that went on ravaging the market for weeks.

“Thanks” to the market dip, ARDR, although it showed some astonishing results in January, fell down far below a one dollar price, which at the time seemed as a major defeat for all holders and investors.

However, we are seeing definite improvements as this currency is bouncing off while showing amazing results in form of the most recent rises. In the last 24 hours, ARDR managed to climb up to over 20% during a very short period of time, which means that this currency is now trading in the green against the dollar.

With the latest change in its price, ARDR can be bought at the price of 0.31$ per one unit. In case Ardor (ARDR) would continue to grow at the same pace it is holding now, this currency should be able to reach its all-time high very soon in the following months.



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