MatchPool (GUP): The only Coin the Mixes Business with Fun

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Matchpool (GUP) is an innovative cryptocurrency; it is designed to connect users as a social networking and a business tool. With the platform, you get rewarded using the ecosystems’ application. You can create your own matchmaker community and communicate. With the application, you have the simplicity you deserve in matchmaking.

Matchpool allows you to create a community for free and keep increasing participants. Each community on the platform has a chosen niche. You set your own rules to suit your community needs. To get rewarded, you need to create matches in your community. Your gains are depended on how your members actively participate.

With the Matchpool, you can use the system as a meet-up kind of application where you can plan for real time events and execute. A pool can be anything from dating to supporting a specific football team. The community or pool creator decides on whom to introduce and let others bring their fans onboard.

How is Matchpool (GUP) performing in the Market?

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are interested in a digital coin performance before they even delve down to the products and services the platform offers. Although ranked low by market cap, the GUP price in the market looks impressive. Currently the price is below $1 and ideal for beginners in the matchmaking and socializing arena.

The price of GUP seems to be stabilizing on a low of $0.204687 after the previous price surge of $1.52. The near future of the coin appears promising if the last 24 hour gains of 31.69%, 26.13% and 28.34% against the USD, BTC and ETH respectively are anything to write home about.

The coin hit the ground running and has already been listed in some major exchanges including Bittrex, GateCoin, Livecoin, HitBTC, Decentrex and Liqui. These outlets will give it a global push to increase uptake and the much needed volumes to push the value to the next level. The goal of Matchpool (GUP) is to connect as many users as possible and the continuing listing is the apt route to the market.

With the current cryptocurrency and ICO advertisement ban, Matchpool is using exchanges to reach the masses. Their goal is to reach the masses and generate revenues through community content and activities using the unique application. As a community owner, you act as their awareness ambassador; the more you grow your community, the more awareness you create for the coin.

What products does Matchpool offer?

For participants, you are rewarded for advertising the GUP coin and the Matchpool platform. Your progress is measured by how many new members you have introduced to the ecosystem. Your community members are not restricted to your team; they can belong to your pool and create their own communities and keep the fire going depending on interests and hobbies and get to earn guppy tokens.

Currently, the platform has already introduced three products in the market, the Matchpool iOS, Atomic Swap and FundOx. These products are aimed to connecting users globally. Matchpool iOS is the base where users can create communities and get rewarded for it. Registration is free and you can participate from anywhere anytime and earn extra Guppy coins (GUP).

The other product, Atomic Swap is new concept in the cryptocurrency market that is gaining a lot of attention from digital currency users. This function enables you to trade in any cryptocurrency listed on major exchanges. This is a cross-chain transaction that negates the use of third parties.

The last but interesting product is the FundOx. This is a simple and yet effective cryptocurrency crowd funding function of the Matchpool ecosystem. This is for business and help users raise funds for various projects. The system allows you to create a project and connect with the crypto-sphere community. Alternatively you can use it to fund a project of your choice.

Applicability of Matchpool (GUP) Today

Most of modern day human interactions are based on trust. Facebook, a social network thrives on trust to help people become “friends” in the virtual world. Matchpool is banking on user trust to grow. Its current popularity is based on its simplicity. Using your connections, you benefit socially and you can strike business deals while at it.

The Matchpool token (GUP) facilitates seamless transactions on the platform and you can grow your business on the platform easily. Bloggers are growing their reputation using the platform. You can share content and other passions and get paid for it. This is also a good place to get your startup going through creating awareness in your community.

This is a tool that can help institutions collaborate and share research results; musicians can come together in a single pool or community and grow their fan base. The opportunities are limitless and once there is acceptance through adoption, Matchpool GUP value is set to increase and users benefit from their community rewards.


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