Can These Projects Sky-Rocket Lisk LSK?

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Lisk (LSK) seems to be doing pretty well these days, especially on April 3rd with over 20% of gains over the last 24 hours. We were all introduced to this currency, almost two years ago in May 2016 with having Lisk as the product of a hard fork from a currency called Crypti.

The main catch about Lisk is the fact that developers can more easily make decentralized applications by having a blockchain network that allows for Dapps to be made in JavaScript, which makes developing of decentralized apps far easier than with Ethereum for example. For now, as we are observing Lisk rising from the catastrophe left behind by the market deep, LSK has some pretty interesting projects in line that might help this currency and its platform establish autonomy over similar platforms.

Lisk: What Projects is Lisk Holding in Line?

If anything, Lisk LSK can definitely brag about scalability and the ability to provide an easy and simple way of developing and programming decentralized apps, so even though Lisk might still be young when compared with Ethereum that was launched almost four years ago, back in 2014.

While Ethereum seems to be ahead of Lisk when it comes to practicing operations with smart contracts, Lisk is offering an innovative architecture as its blockchain-based decentralized platform is made of side-chains, which in the first place provides greater and improved scalability along with allowing developers to easily create and distribute their decentralized applications while working in JavaScript. As JavaScript is in general very simple to master, Lisk made possible for a wide range of users to be able to develop their own applications by using side-chains and JavaScript.

To try and succeed in standing out from the crowd, Lisk developers are planning on pushing their network with some pretty interesting projects that might help Lisk get out of the shadows of Ethereum.

Lisk and

Lisk (LSK) seems to be finding its purpose even among the youngest targeted audiences by promoting blockchain technology through handing out rewards for tests, efforts, and achievements. This project exists on Lisk’s blockchain network and its purpose is to encourage children to learn more about various topics by giving those rewards in form of REN currency that can later be stored, used, spent or exchanged. This project might help Lisk broaden its circle of followers, holders and potential investors.

Lisk and Sapiens Project

Sapiens project is also focused on education and academic certification systems and protocols, aiming to make sharing personal data regarding your degree, professional experience and similar data usually asked about on job interviews, easier to access and share with the chosen parties. So, thanks to this project listed on Lisk, you can submit and collect all your academic records by making them digitalized. This way all your data would be easily accessible and verifiable through a secure chain on Lisk’s blockchain ecosystem. This project can definitely solve some of our everyday problems, so it may potentially sky-rocket Lisk in the time to come.

Lisk and

In the age where our privacy is constantly compromised – just remember Facebook and think about millions and millions of profiles having their personal information shared and used without the profile owners’ consent.

That is how platform becomes relevant as it directly addresses this issue with the goal of solving it by preventing personal information from being shared without consent and compromising the privacy of users. offers a protocol that allows all users to choose whether and with whom they want to share their personal information, that way preventing their personal data from being used and misused.

Thanks to the top-notch security that comes hand in hand with blockchain technology, this case scenario is actually up and running on Lisk, potentially holding a great role in the future of social media, privacy and data sharing.

Can these Projects Sky-Rocket Lisk (LSK)?

Although Lisk has some tough material that can potentially make it into an even better currency that it already is, Lisk seems to be having a long way ahead of it before reaching the status that Ethereum enjoys. Although the highlighted projects are only some of many projects that Lisk is working on, it seems that the market visibility of these projects is not satisfactory enough to sky-rocket Lisk – at least not yet, but in the time to come, who knows?

At the current moment, it seems that Lisk is doing more than just fine as it is trading up in the green after a long market crash that caused a horrific loss of billions of dollars in the total market cap of all tradable coins. During the last 24 hours, Lisk has experienced an increase in the price, rising against the dollar for the amazing 22.31%, which means that Lisk (LSK) is now available for purchase at 9.20$ per one coin.


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