Verge (XVG) crowdsale skeptics are just paranoid

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Verge (XVG) crowd sale has been a success, but I am surprised that some people are calling it a scam. No, seriously, why would anyone call this a scam, unless you really don’t understand the whole essence of cryptocurrencies.

Did people prefer a private fundraising, with the possibility of one large investor taking control?
I think this crowd sale is probably the best thing that has ever happened to Verge. That’s because, the whole idea behind it is to provide the funds required to market this crypto worldwide. The developer team believes that this will change the face of Verge for good, and I believe them? Why?

Well, for starters, Verge (XVG) is already entrenched as one of the go-to cryptos for crypto die-hards looking to invest in privacy coins. Now imagine how better it will be, if this crypto were to get marketed aggressively all across the world. Two things are bound to happen. One, Verge is likely to attract a new breed of investors who probably didn’t know about Verge in the past.

This is likely to see a surge in volumes, which will give it a serious value boost. The second most likely implication will be an increase in the number of organizations looking to partner with Verge. Signs of such a scenario are already there, with the Verge team announcing that they will be unveiling a new partner on the 16th of April.

The global marketing campaign will also see this crypto get listed on more exchanges. Verge (XVG) has already been added on NexExchange. That’s a sign of good things to come. Once the global marketing campaign kicks off, Verge will most likely be on all major exchanges. Anyone who has been into crypto for some time now knows the impact of getting listed on multiple exchanges.

Volumes always surge, and the demand pressure that follows, usually drives prices through the stratosphere.  If you look at the price of verge at the moment, you can tell that it is about to head north. Today it just gained over 10%, and volumes seem to be on the rise too. That’s an indication that people are getting excited about it, now that the crowd sale is over.

However, the biggest gains will most likely come after April 16th, after the announcement of the new partner. That announcement is the one that will take Verge to the moon. Remember it is coming at a time when the market is recovering after a sustained bear run. As such, investors are looking to take advantage of the low prices before the market rebounds.

This is definitely the best time to buy into Verge (XVG). The upside potential is enormous as compared to the chances of a further downward slide. A valuation of $0.15 is pretty much possible within the next two weeks or so.  That’s an awesome return on investment, for people already invested in this crypto. Anyone calling the crowd sale a scam is already being proven wrong.


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