Neo (NEO): A Coin You Can Spend in Real Life

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With many investors holding digital assets in their digital wallets than ever before, their usability has always been at the back of their minds. Neo (NEO) is already being used in select outlets after simplifying currency transactions through the use of smart contracts. Also tagged to as the Chinese made Ethereum, has pulled a big fan base after its launch and transforming from Antshares.

Spending NEO marks the start of digital coin usability in the real world. Being listed on Bittrex is a surefire assurance of how a coin with Chinese origin is fast getting global acceptance. This has also attracted major outlets and other global partnerships to gain trust among users in the most remote areas.

What Makes Neo Tick?

To begin with, Neo offers high scalability and certainty. It allows you freedom and flexibility due to its compatibility with a diversity of applications. As a developer; you can use its DApps tools with ease especially if you have the basic JavaScript ideas. With transactions of up to 10,000 per second, it is the natural choice for the future.

A digital identity tool, with the best integrity in the market, Neo is the ideal ecosystem for any digital transaction. This is why more participants are using it to customize their infrastructures for real life solutions. It is easy to confirm identities using the Neo application than anywhere else.

Neo transactions are backed by dBFT technology that gives the finality they deserve. This also helps in accommodating as many transactions as possible at anytime, anywhere. Transactions are seamless and fast as expected for a platform of the future.

How to use Neo (NEO) in Real Life

Neo is a bridge between your traditional assets and digital ones. With the system, your assets are covered by digital certificates that are recognized under law.  As a platform user, you are assured of trust on the network.

Neo gives you the most sought after individual identity in an electronic environment. This does not only cover individuals but organizations as well. You do not have to carry your identification at this era of blockchain technology. Your fingerprint and voice is all you need for the system to identify you.

With the Neo platform, you can easily code your own programing language. This is one of the easiest systems where you can create your custom smart contracts. You do not have to be tech savvy to create these smart contracts. Neo simplifies it for you.

Neo Partners Accepting NEO Coin

The list of companies accepting the NEO coin might sound like who is who globally but there are other smaller outlets accepting the digital coin that are not listed here. The network is fast growing and in a few months’ time, spending NEO at an out let next door will be possible.

Alibaba: This online store now allows you to use Neo coins to shop and has a wide range of goods that are appealing globally. This is the Chinese Amazon with a huge online presence. You can purchase virtually anything from Alibaba. Currently the two partners are working on a Mail Certification Service (MCS) to ease cross-border trade hiccups.

Microsoft: In a bid to makes signatures digital and secure, Neo has partnered with China to move the market to the next level. This ensures fast and secure access to Microsoft products using NEO as the payment medium.

These are the two examples of how Neo (NEO) usage and application is set to change the payment and money transfer industry. Once all blockchain bottlenecks are taken care of, Neo is about to change how global business is done. Users are a looking for a system that is compatible with their systems and applications and they seem to settle on Neo.

Neo (NEO) price has gone through ups and downs just like any other coin in the digital market but has shown a lot of resilience; a strong point for the investors. The coin is current ranked 9 by market capitalization and trading at $48.95 with marginal gains of 2.86% against the dollar in the last 24 hours.

The above scenario might not reflect the current market but an indicator of how things might turn out after buying from Alibaba and Microsoft become real. These two partners are set to increase adoption and traction of Neo and will make the coin skyrocket. This might begin to take shape in the third or fourth quarter and is expected to make Neo the first blockchain based platform. Users can connect with merchants directly.



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