IOTA (MIOTA) is Keeping it Frisky in April While Waiting for Trinity

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IOTA (MIOTA) hasn’t been around for an entire year yet, but still, this currency makes up for one of the most interesting currencies in the crypto market. Thanks to its devoted dev team, MIOTA has managed to climb up the ladder of successful cryptos in only a couple of months, while we are still able to witness new technological improvements being implemented to IOTA’s blockchain ledger. After going through some tough time with the majority of other cryptocurrencies due to the horrific market dip that kept on demolishing the market for weeks, we can finally see the dust settling down and revealing increases in the price among many different assets. IOTA is one of them, so we are interested in finding out what this currency has been up to these days.

IOTA and Trinity

Trinity, one of the promising projects of IOTA (MIOTA) development team, has been in the working progress for a couple of months now, with the last update being released approximately two weeks ago on March 21st.  In the mentioned announcement, the head of the team stated that Trinity should be released in the following months, adding that very soon all IOTA users and MIOTA holders would be able to acquire and use Trinity for their iOS and Android as well, which would be the next step after releasing Trinity for the desktop.

For all of those who are yet unfamiliar with Trinity and what this project represents, Trinity should actually become IOTA’s improved wallet with better user experience and implemented user-friendly features.

Afterward, another update followed up on Trinity, on March 29th, where one of the people working with IOTA team stated that Trinity Alpha, thanks to the over-time involvement and working around the clock, will be set for LIVE testing. That means that as of March 29th, IOTA enabled registration for entering Trinity Alpha testing program for 100 lucky app testers. The registration was closed after the first 200 testers applied, so 100 reserved spots were quickly taken by the fastest applicants. After the testing of Alpha version begun, there was already good news released into public as some of the testers were posting positive feedbacks about IOTA’s Trinity, on Reddit.

If the testing is successfully finished as it is expected, IOTA dev team announced that Trinity for Desktop will be released for public in two days from now, which means that all interested users will be able to try out the new wallet on April 4th.

IOTA (MIOTA) got Listed on a New Exchange

Another one of superb news regarding this currency got out as we found out that MIOTA can now be directly exchanged for EURO, that way being able to easily get swapped for a fiat currency. Getting listed on a new exchange is always a supreme occasion for any digital asset as that means that it just got more visible, more attainable and more accessible. But in this case, we have an entire exchange focused only on MIOTA. This was actually the missing link between fiat values and Tangle, IOTA’s block-less network, so it is no wonder that this currency is experiencing a pretty neat rise in its price.

From this point, it is not yet certain which countries will be added to the list on Omoku, but as we all know, only the countries that are accepted on will be able to directly exchange their MIOTA units for EURO at maximal security and low fees.

IOTA and the Crypto Market

Ranked among top ten cryptocurrencies as the 10th crypto on the global coin ranking list, IOTA (MIOTA) is doing pretty well today as we can see that after the exhausting market dip this coin is now trading in the green against the dollar. At the same time, it is trading down against BTC which is no wonder since the majority of currencies started to experience positive change in the price.

After the latest change in the market, MIOTA has gone up against the dollar with 4.48% of the increase, while it is trading -0.80% down against BTC.

That means that MIOTA can be bought at 1.03$ per one coin at this moment, which makes up for a pretty neat investment although this coin is still far from its all-time high of around 5$ per one coin.

It is expected that in the case of having a successfully launched Trinity Beta, the price of IOTA (MIOTA) might additionally rise in the price as a positive consequence.


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