Groestlcoin (GRS) jumps by more than 100%! Is it a pump and dump?

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One thing I have noticed in the crypto market is that any time there is a massive pump, it is always followed by a dump. But sometimes the pump goes on to become a sustained bull-run. In the case of Groestlcoin GRS coin, there is a good chance that this crypto is far from a pump and dump.

You just need to look at this crypto’s fundamentals, then you will understand why GRS is probably the best thing that ever happened to crypto. One of its key strengths is that it has some of the lowest transaction costs in the crypto market. That’s a plus, considering that transaction costs are among the main issues affecting major cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

You are probably thinking, aren’t there many other cryptos out there that offer low-costs? So what makes Groestlcoin (GRS) special? Well, there are very few of them that can beat GRS on this aspect.  GRS has some of the lowest transaction costs in the market, going for as low as 0.0001 GRS. GRS is also ready for the lightning network, which means that over time, fees for this coin will almost be free.

Groestlcoin also has a wallet that supports multiple platforms, and can be accessed through windows, Mac, iOS and android. On top of that, these wallets are highly secure. These are features that are not available on many other cryptocurrency platforms in the market.

But the biggest driver to this coin’s value at the moment is the possibility of getting listed on Binance. Some time back, the Groestlcoin team asked its members to recommend exchanges they would like to see this crypto listed on. A good chunk of them voted for Binance. This has created a rumor that GRS could be listing on Binance soon, and the market is excited, and rightly so. Binance is one of the largest exchanges on the planet, and any crypto that gets listed there is guaranteed of some good trading volumes.   If this rumor turns out to be true, then you can expect Groestlcoin (GRS) to keep rising, going into the foreseeable future.

GRS also happens to have one of the best funded marketing budgets in the altcoins market. That’s guaranteed to push this crypto further up, as marketing efforts drive more people to take an interest in it. In fact, now that this coin has pumped significantly in the last few hours, more investors are likely to jump into this project, out of the fear of missing out. It is definitely free marketing, on top of the team’s strong marketing budget.

To sum it up, Groestlcoin (GRS is far from a pump and dump. This is a serious crypto that is just getting the market attention that it truly deserves. As such, the momentum it has gained recently is likely to sustain for some time. I would be looking to buy into this crypto at the moment. Going by its fundamentals, it is still highly undervalued.


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