Is Ethereum Classic ETC Heading Towards Redemption?

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We were introduced to Ethereum Classic (ETC) since the very moment when the hidden loop in DAO was discovered due to an infamous hack attack that took a load of money from the hands of ETH investors and holders. Further, from that point, the dev team behind Ethereum decided to go for a hard fork so that they wouldn’t have to go through the consequences of having a problematic protocol, and that is how ETC, Ethereum Classic was born.

From that point, we’ve seen ups and downs in both currencies, however, while Ethereum is cunningly holding onto the 2nd place on the global coin ranking list, Ethereum Classic is trying to break out of the top 20 and get closer to the top 10 list, which is probably every coin’s dream – being ranked among the best cryptos. At this point, it seems that Ethereum Classic has a lot going on, so let’s see what ETC dev team has been up to these days.

Ethereum Classic and Tech Improvements

The nature of the crypto market is primarily focused on constant improvements in the field of technology, blockchain operations, and decentralization, so naturally, the coins and tokens that usually hold the greatest value (not necessarily the value stated in the market price) are those that have active dev teams. Cryptocurrencies that are pushing the limits of the technology powering up these digital assets are consequently ranked as better when compared to the cryptocurrencies that kept the same technological profile since the initial launching of ICO. That is probably the main reason why Ethereum Classic is 15 places below its “parental” platform – Ethereum. However, there are some pretty interesting improvements noted in the roadmap of ETC as the team behind it is working on some notable novelties.

By far Ethereum Classic (ETC) has managed to get listed on almost all major exchanges including Bittrex and Bitfinex, which consequently made it more visible to holders and potential investors. Moreover, the dev team behind Ethereum Classic has released and launched two different wallets to be used by ETC holders. Ledger hardware and Trezor wallets are specifically made to grant all holders a safe and secure way of keeping their ETC units.

Finally, to show appreciation for investors and holders around the globe, Ethereum Classic has invested its funds to enable easy and simple tracking of market capitalization so that the price paid on trading fees is reduced to a minimum.

What Else is Ethereum Classic working on?

By far we know that the team behind ETC is planning on finishing more than several projects in the current year of 2018. That is how we can expect ETC to be more similar to Ethereum in the following months, especially due to the fact that the ETC team is planning on making ETC  inter-operational which means that there would probably be more coins hosted on Ethereum Classic platform besides from  only having ETC currency, while ETC will become the main digital asset.

Another project Ethereum Classic is taking over is creating and developing Emerald wallet, and what makes us believe that ETC could soon change its profile drastically is the fact that ETC announced that its team is working on making ETC chains more scalable. That means that ETC will be more adaptable, easier to implement changes and simpler to work with while maintaining top-notch tech protocols.

Talking about protocols, it is stated that there will be some radical changes within the used protocols as well – this is actually a pretty neat move since ETC didn’t take over any of the updates made on Ethereum’s ledger after the hard fork, which means that there might be some issues in its chains that need to be modified and removed.

To conclude the story about ETC, Ethereum Classic (ETC) is really working on redeeming itself, promising to deliver astonishing results in the months to come and reveal a new face of ETC by the end of 2018. If everything goes well, the talked about improvements could potentially sky-rocket Ethereum Classic at the beginning of 2019.

How is Ethereum Classic doing in the Market?

We are all pleased to see that the majority of currencies are going up today after the recent market dip that went on with dizzily decreasing prices for more than 8 long weeks. At the current moment after the latest change in the market, Ethereum Classic (ETC) has gone up to 1.93% against the dollar.

That means that ETC is currently trading in the green against the dollar and can be bought at the price of 13.98$ per one coin.


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