Ormeus coin (ORME) – The kind of coin that Warren Buffet would love

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Warren Buffet doesn’t love tech that much, but if he were to ever invest in crypto, Ormeus coin (ORME) this is definitely the coin he would go for. It is fully in line with his ideals of investing, that is asset fundamentals.

To understand what’s special about Ormeus, we first need to understand the rest of the crypto market. What has been driving the crypto market up to this point? There is no doubt that the biggest driver of the crypto market has been nothing but hype. Many highly valued projects don’t even have a working product yet. Others have technical issues that will take time to resolve, for them to gain any wide scale adoption. Think bitcoin, as an example.  It is still struggling with the issue of transaction costs, and scalability yet it is valued at thousands of dollars. The same goes for Ethereum, the second most popular crypto.  So is Ormeus any different? Absolutely!

This coin’s value is anchored on revenue generation. It’s designed to make money no matter the situation in the market. That’s because the primary purpose of its underlying platform is mining profitable coins. According to the platform’s website, they have mining rigs for Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dash and were making revenues of $8 million per month as of February this year. That’s a guarantee that Ormeus can never go to zero, no matter the direction the crypto market takes, unless the market simply ceases to exist. And we all know that that’s a scenario that is highly improbable at this point.

On top of that, the Ormeus (ORME) team makes use of artificial intelligence to identify the best coins to mine at any given time. This means that its future revenues are guaranteed. All Ormeus has to do is drop coins whose mining profits are declining and add new ones. In essence, the future growth in the profitability of this platform is quite predictable. In fact, they are predicting that revenues will grow to around $500 million per month in quarter one of 2019. As profitability grows, so will the value of the coin, which is a great thing for investors.

But what I like most about this project is the fact that it is powered by green energy. Crypto mining has always attracted some negative vibes from the media. Some even claim that bitcoin mining takes up more energy than a small town.  Ormeus dispels these fears by making use of green energy technologies to power all its mining activities. That’s fundamental to the sustainable existence of this crypto, in a world that is increasingly conscious of climate change, and its effects.

A combination of these factors can give you an idea of why Ormeus (ORME) is the kind of coin that Buffet would invest in. But since he can’t do it, you should borrow a leaf from him, and go long on this coin, based on his investment philosophy. After all, he is the most successful investor on the planet.


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