Tron (TRX) – Some Interesting Comments From Justin Sun

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The much-awaited Tron (TRX) test net is now live, and people are super excited about it. It has marked the turning point for Tron, as it looks forward to the Main net launch. However, what I have found most interesting were the comments that Justin Sun made during the test net launch, live stream. His comments are an indication that this project has the vision, and the will power to go for the top-spot in crypto space. Anyone who listened to him knows that this is one crypto that you should be going long on, and with confidence.

One of the things he said during the livestream is that Tron is about to launch on several major exchanges. Some snoops believe that one of the exchanges that Tron could be listing on, is Coinbase! If this comes to fruition, Tron will get a massive volumes surge that could easily be seen. It has hit a valuation of over $1. I am positive that it will happen considering how positive Justin is about Tron (TRX).

He doesn’t come across as someone who would let anything stop him from taking Tron to the next level. That’s why I am placing my bets on a possible Coinbase listing. You just need to understand that Justin would not be making these assertions if he has not talked to some senior people in a few big exchanges. His announcement is most likely aimed at getting the community excited about some upcoming good news. The best part would be a listing on big exchanges during the main net launch. That would change the trajectory of Tron (TRX) for good.  It would dethrone several coins and gain a spot in the top 5.

Another interesting fact that he touched on during the livestream is that of increasing trading pairs for Tron. We all know how pairing with BTC has weighed down on the value of most altcoins in the market. Most altcoins are very fundamentally strong projects and would perform exceptionally well, were they to be decoupled from BTC. I suspect that’s what Justin Sun is gunning for, because he focused so much on the pairing Tron with the USD. If this happens, I am one those people who believe that Tron (TRX) could see double digit valuations. You just need to look at the coin’s fundamentals to understand why.

For instance, Tron has some of the fastest and cheapest transaction speeds in the market. On top of that, Tron wants to allow developers create Dapps, in a highly efficient environment, when compared to a platform like Ethereum.  A USD pairing means that investors would be valuing it at its true value, and not one capped by BTC market issues. Given how Justin has been aggressive in getting Tron to the top, I see this happening sooner than most people can imagine.

Just to give you an idea of how serious Justin is focused on getting Tron to the top, he also talked about adding about 100 people to the team. And these people are not just your ordinary developers, these are top brains from companies like Alibaba. This team is probably being brought in, to fast track the launch of the Tron main net. They will also most likely be working on eliminating any inefficiencies in the system, thereby attracting more investors and developers to Tron.

The entry of these extra team members alone, is enough reason to be bullish on Tron. It is an indicator that Tron has every intention of getting to the top, and dethroning Ethereum from its top spot in the smart contracts space.  Like Justin said, in the near future, Tron will be more than a gaming cryptocurrency. It will be a serious platform that can take on the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum and win.

The biggest game changer on this front, will possibly be upcoming Tron airdrop for Ethereum holders. The idea will be to attract more investors from Ethereum to Tron (TRX). This could be a success considering that Ethereum has pretty much lost its glitter. There are so many projects coming up that are way better than it, in the smart contracts aspect of the crypto market. Taking a chunk of value from Ethereum would, therefore, be a huge deal that could easily see Tron move up the crypto market cap ladder faster in coming days.

My prediction on Tron (TRX) is that in the short-term, it might drop a little bit. That’s because investors will be looking to cash-in on the gains they have made in the rally, prior to the test-net launch. However, in the long-run, this coin will hit $1 and above. And when I say long-term, I am talking of a timeframe within 2018! Later than that, we could see higher valuations. This project is just too good not to moon!


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