Owning Status (SNT): Here are Facts to Consider

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Status (SNT) is a blockchain technology backed platform that runs on the Ethereum ecosystem. The beauty of the network is that it allows you to make payments, browse and chat on a decentralized atmosphere. You can use Status for unlimited access to the Ethereum network.

Anyone using android or iPhone can easily communicate through messaging, browse or make payments on the Status network that rides on Ethereum blockchain. However, the platform is not just about chatting and messaging; it gives you a new world of decentralized applications as well. You can socialize and make business deals at the same time with real-time payments.

Why Choose Status Token?

Status (SNT) seeks to solve real life problems and with it, you can securely store your Ether and other Ethereum digital assets. The platform enables you send and receive your Ether faster and in a secured manner. This makes it easier especially when you do not have to use several currency processors to send your ETH anywhere across the globe.

All status participants have control over browsing decentralized application uninterrupted.  The system is compatible with major browsers and this gives you access to the next generation Apps. This is a secure way of navigating the online world without fear of compromising your privacy. All your online tracks are covered and you are not exposed to cyber theft threats.

If you are into cryptocurrency trading, Status allows you to buy and sell ETH. This is a business proposition that you cannot miss. With the application, your smartphone becomes the gateways to a whole lot of opportunities. You do not have to set up those complicated hardware to trade in Ether.

Status (SNT) Price Status

Status has stuck on the green for a few days but started to plummet on the 19th, March. If the trends are anything to write home about, the investors should start gearing up for a better second quarter. Implementation of the MainNet should act as a catalyst or the coin to hit the $1 thresholds.

SNT is trading at 0.087282 against the dollar (at the time of writing) and represents some marginal gains of 0.97% to the USD, 8.33% and 5.62% to BTC and ETH respectively. The token is ranked 42 by market capitalization which is quite impressive. There are a lot of opportunities in the massaging and transaction industry giving the coin an edge over other older generation digital currencies.

Cryptocurrency experts predict that the price might skyrocket owing to the many features that will soon be added on the platform. Secondly, low price entices adorers to become adopters and that is what Status is banking on gin forward. Implementation of the MainNet is also a reason to make investors smile. This will bring onboard partners of repute to push the price further north. With own ecosystem, adoption becomes easy and in this case, it could be the missing catalyst.

Will Status (SNT) MainNet Change the Status of the Ecosystem?

This is the most awaited upgrade ad is over 80% complete and should bring in more investors and partners once completed. This will end overreliance on the Ethereum MainNet. With its own system, the path going forward is clear. The launch of the MainNet will skyrocket the price; a fact that is holding the price low at the moment.

With most coin on the red, SNT, VEN and TRON seem to have some immunity to remain on the green. These are being seen as valuable coins of futures due to the technology upgrade and new features that focus on solving real life problems as compared to older coins. With the $1 goal within reach, it is possible the second quarter will bring go0d news to SNT holders.

Status (SNT) price is ideal for individuals and big investors especially when the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum are still on the red. This is an affordable coin that is easy to own. Once the MainNet is launched, the sky could be the limit in the third quarter.



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