WePower (WPR) cryptocurrency: How is it related to the green energy?

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There is a new sleeping giant in the crypto market; the WePower (WPR). This is a blockchain network with links to the green energy producers.

The whole world is groaning because of pollution and the degradation of the environment. World leaders and governments have frequently held meetings to come up with resolutions on how to curb environmental pollution and one of the most promising way is the use of green energy. Although few in the world, green energy producers have played a big role in reducing the pollution since most of the pollution that takes place results from energy producing industries and mechanisms.

WePower market price

WePower (WPR) was launched in February 2018 and it started with an ICO Public Token Sale which turned out to be very successful.

  • The market cap of the WPR crypto coin is $37,859,057 USD, which is an equivalent of 5,539 BTC.
  • The average 24 hour trading volume is $29,967,900 USD, which is an equivalent of 4,384 BTC.
  • The crypto coin has a total supply of 745,248,183 WPR. Out of this, the currently circulating supply is 402,444,675 WPR.

Since it was launched, the value of a single WPR token oscillates between $0.2 and $0.06. When it was launched, the crypto coin was going for around $0.207098 USD. The crypto coin first depreciated to hit a record low of $0.063422 USD in mid-March this year.

Since then, the crypto coin has improved to currently go for $0.094073 USD per token.

With the increased flow of investors into the green energy into the green energy sector, the WePower blockchain ecosystem is increasingly gaining momentum and it has a very bright future ahead.

How is WePower (WPR) blockchain related to green energy?

You must be asking yourself how a blockchain is related to green energy and yet no blockchain produces any form of energy leave alone green energy.

For sure WePower (WPR) produces no energy, but rather supports green energy projects.

How does it support the green energy projects?

The blockchain assists in raising the capital required for green energy producing projects. The WePower (WPR) platform acts as a platform for energy tokenization and standardization.

Traders buy shares into the projects using the WePower tokens and that way the producers are able to raise the require capital.

Since green energy projects are very profitable, WePower investors end up making huge profits.

One of the objectives of the WePower (WPR) is to make it possible for users to pay for energy directly from the green energy producers using the WPR Token.


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