Four causes that could bring a surge in Huobi tokens

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A majority of today’s cryptocurrencies get into the market through an ICO channel. Similarly, a large percentage of crypto investors are only aware of Initial Coin Offering for crypto ventures. However, there are also non-ICO tokens and cryptocurrencies.

Huobi Token (HT) is a non-ICO product from one of China’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Huobi Pro. While most of the crypto world is getting excited about ICO, Huobi Token is slowly showing the potential that a non-ICO can also have within the market.

And why should Huobi token deserve your attention? Well, judging from the token’s performance I do think it does deserve particular attention. Initially, since its inception, the Huobi Pro surged to almost 98% only an hour into trading against the USDT pair. The spike ended once the crypto’s price hit a high of $1.98.

The underlying issue is that the overwhelming interest in HT stems from several features of the project that investors see as beneficial. Consequently, I do anticipate these aspects to help further increase the value of the token and hopefully its adoption

  1. Immediate liquidity

The first significant gain that will attract investors to Huobi Token (HT) is the backing from the Huobi exchange. Huobi Pro will facilitate the trading of HT’s in an open market from where the user can ensure sufficient liquidity. Additionally, whenever there is an emergency and token holders want to dispose of their, Huobi Pro promises to take the liberty of facilitating the refund. Such features could go a long way in building the reputation and value of the token.

2. Handsome discounts

With the popularity of crypto trading, we should expect a rise in HT value. Why is this? First off, everyone loves a good cut, especially when it comes to crypto investors. Crypto whales like to trade huge volumes can quickly join and earn just by transacting using Huobi Tokens. The Huobi Points system offers discounts in the transaction fees that could reach even 50%, depending on the level. The cuts are different since there are several VIP statuses for the traders.

3. Special benefits to token holders

Every investor aims to benefits one way or another from a crypto venture. It is only fair that your investment gets back with a profit. However, Huobi token (HT) goes further to offer more privileges rather than just a profitable return. Huobi token holders will receive random airdrops and voting rights by holding them. Ultimately, I concur this is a unique strategy as more people will hold onto the token just for the airdrops, and increase the value in circulation.

4. Unique token buy-back clause

Although most crypto ventures do brag about possessing a token buy-back option, few live up to the expectation of the holders. The Huobi token buy-back is somewhat unique in its self. While the project buys up excess tokens in circulation, the resulting process is not burning them. These tokens go into a Huobi User Protection Fund which acts as a resource in times of volatility and to compensate for any losses token holders may incur. The feature is also a good selling point and could help bring more investment into Huobi token once crypto investors take notice of it.

Will Huobi replicate its initial success?

There is indeed no doubt about the capabilities of the Huobi token. For a non-ICO, the project did exemplary well with the point packages sale taking less than a minute to sell out. While it will be hard to achieve this fete again entirely, I do anticipate a more definite increase in the value of Huobi token (HT) based on the unique features aforementioned.



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