CoinMeet (MEE) Price Skyrockets to Hit $1 in 2018

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CoinMeet (MEE) is new cryptocurrency that hit the market early 2018. This is a multiple digital asset management tool to have; it is equipped with a social wallet driven by a cross-chain adaptor.  The application is compatible with different smartphones. It gives you freedom to transact in cryptocurrencies on the go.

CoinMeet, as the name suggests gives you the flexibility to deposit, withdraw, receive and send digital currencies from anywhere using their smartphones. There are many features it comes with it, the social wallet is easy to download and install. You do not have to be tech-savvy to use the application; it has a very user friendly interface and everything is well set on the dashboard.

Why Invest in CoinMeet (MEE)

Currently, CoinMeet is among the best entry point Altcoins. It is cheap and has many real life features that will change your transaction and social dealings. It helps you become part of the larger digital economy at the comfort of your home or office. You can transact your businesses while you keep in touch with your social media connections.

With an easy to install application CoinMeet enables you stay on top of your business and keep your social life alive. You can build your digital asset distribution channel on the platform and decide on how you are going to charge your consumers. You have the freedom and control on how your assets transacts with a custom reward program.

Any social chats across the platform are encrypted. Your conversations are safe and secured since you only get encrypted notifications with a prompt to respond. Your conversation remains private between two parties. Others in the platform cannot manipulate your chat. With use of AI technology data storage and sharing is also taken care of.

CoinMeet (MEE) Price Predictions

With many players in the digital asset management sector, the price of CoinMeet (MEE) might not continue skyrocketing forever. However, at the moment, hitting a high of $1 by the end of 2018 is very realistic. In fact, cryptocurrency experts predict that the price might go as high as $3 by end of Q3. If this happens, there is a good reason why investors should stake more on the MEE.

The price of MEE can be termed as low but it will not remain the same for long. There is a lot under the developer sleeve and this will grow the price to the next level. The current price of $0.051904 seems like a “placeholder” before it moves up. The coin has managed to gain 1.65% against the dollar, 8.69% and 12.68 against BTC and ETH respectively.

However, it is not possible to predict the CoinMeet price without taking a look at what the platform is up to. The developer team is confident that with additional features going live, the current price will shoot. Below are some anticipated features that will add more value to the entire network.

Value Focused CoinMeet (MEE) Features

The platform is set to provide a secure environment as a social network and a transaction platform. Striking a business deal between your social connections has never been this easy. This is a three pronged network that puts social media, digital currency gateway and an asset distribution platform.

The out-of-this-world social wallet is what most cryptocurrency users have been crying for. It will take care of long term business relationships while keeping it simple for people to socialize. All your need are accommodated and you do not to shuttle between several platforms to get your business and social life moving.

As the Coin Meet ushers in the Q3 of 2018, volatility will play a major role in determining the route the price takes. With increased mobile usage penetration continues to grow, the CoinMeet (MEE) adoptions and traction is also poised to follow suit. The prediction of the coin hitting a high of $1 plus is highly possible.



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