Why You Should Pay Attention to PIVX in 2018

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Pivx (PIVX) – Privacy-focused coins are becoming popular by the day. Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts believe that anonymity should be a core principle of all the cryptocurrencies. People invest in cryptocurrencies to escape the chains tied to the traditional banking systems. Therefore, digital assets came to give people the freedom to invest without the entrapments of the financial sector including central banks and government regulatory authorities. On the contrary, the same governments and regulatory bodies are getting involved with cryptocurrencies and imposing regulations. Some countries like China and India even banning cryptocurrencies entirely.

You might be wondering where I’m going with this regulation and cryptocurrency talk. However, do not jump the gun. I want to introduce PIVX, a focused privacy coin that achieves instant verified transactions. And do you know what? It was built on Bitcoin core.

The Private Instant Verified Transactions Pivx (PIVX) is a digital asset that is built on the blockchain. It has been created to be secure, achieve extremely high anonymity while remaining decentralised. Bitcoin and many other popular coins are not anonymous at all. Anyone can view the history of the transaction made by these coins on blockchain explorer. Furthermore, it is also possible to link the transactions to the identity of the sender or the receiver of the funds.

So why should you pay attention to PIVX?

It is important to note that PIVX was originally hard forked from DASH a few years back in 2016. It was initially referred to as Darknet (DNET). It differs from DASH because it is a proof of stake digital asset while the developers improved the POS mechanism. After one year the name was changed to PIVX to integrate the core functions of the coin into the name.

PIVX Transactions

The transactions are untraceable and completely private. No information related to the transaction is shared or divulged except for the fact that the transaction took place. The developers recognise privacy as an essential aspect of life especially on the internet where anyone can access the information. The mission was to integrate privacy into everyday life.

Moreover, the transactions are fast, secure and instantly verifiable. This feature has made PIVX stand out from many coins that are struggling with scalability. PIVX is highly adaptable to everyday life situation where instant, secure transactions are vital. The team focuses on reducing the time for the transactions at the same time keeping the fees to the minimum as well.

The other thing that makes PIVX a must have currency in 2018 is the vibrant community on a global base. The company has ensured that the chat platforms remain active since its inception to enable efficient communication. The forums are used to layout the roadmap and inform the investors of future improvements and new resources that will be made available for their benefit. The core team is straightforward and easy to engage with unlike the situation with most other teams who remain closeted. PIVX team calls upon those who are focused on investing their time to improve the project to come forth. Community proposals are highly regarded too, besides voting is conducted to achieve the best possible decision.

Point of Sale and the Secure Wallet

Pivx (PIVX) has the vision to become the number one digital cash payment platform. The mobile wallet is continually being improved to enable the investors to spend their money freely, securely and privately. The current mobile wallet can be used to purchase virtually anything right from your smartphone, for example, on similar applications such as Apple Pay and Venmo. Security is guaranteed using the 2-Factor authentication system.

Market Overview

Pivx (PIVX) is currently trading at $4.30 and is up by $18.92% in a highly bearish market in the last 24 hours according to CoinMarketCap. PIVX trading volume is $23 million in the last 24 hours while its market capitalisation stands at $240 million. It has 55.853638 PIVX circulating supply in the market. PIVX achieved an all-time high of $13.80 in January 2018, and the price recovery is underway.


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