Nano (NANO) Glory Days are back: Here Is Why

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The recent market downfall has exposed many cryptocurrencies’ shortfall in front of the investors. The consumer is more aware of what to expect from the volatile virtual coin market. Now Nano (NANO) is not exempted from the crash and is all set to challenge giants like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple; as a platform of the future with a difference.

The cryptocurrency market is crowded and new virtual coins are popping up every minute to be in the market place. To overcome the fierce competition, Nano is facing the future with a lot of confidence, thanks to the developer team and investor support.

Nano (NANO) Smartphone Compatible Wallet

Any cryptocurrency user knows a secure wallet and is critical to convenient transactions. Nano has developed a wallet and integrated it into its ecosystem. It is smartphone compatible wallet and you can even access your digital currency on the go. With the increase of smartphone usage and internet penetration into the remote areas, the light wallet will gain acceptance globally for increased adoption.

The Nano S and RaiBlock light wallet has opened many opportunities and there will be a huge transformation in the value of the coin with increased volumes across the globe. The Nano community recently got a reward from Binance exchange as being one of the best communities in the crypto-landscape.

Twitch, a global online game streaming company that is owned by Amazon now allows user to use NANO tokens on its platform. With thousands of users, NANO adoption will continue to skyrocket owing to the coins usability in the real world. With a light wallet, the smartphone user opportunities continue to grow in the gaming industry.

Nano (NANO) Recognition and Listing in major Exchanges

Among the major exchanges and recognition from Charlie (founder of Litecoin), now NANO’s future will be bright. Experts in the cryptocurrency world are also happy about the strides that digital coin is transforming its functionality and now its solving many real life problems of the consumers.

The platform’s scalability and real time free transactions are one of the reasons that its becoming popular day by day among the experts. The beauty of the ecosystem is that it used minimal resources; you do not need any high level hardware for mining the coin, thus zero fees will be sustained into the future.

Could 2018 Be a Nano (NANO) Year?

Many Nano platform users are very happy to choose this platform and are very much hopeful that it will reach to its new heights in the year 2018. These efforts are meant to boost its current position in terms of value, adoption and traction; while presenting the user with more option on using the coin. All might not be smooth given the volatility factor in the market. As of 28th march, the NANO coin is trading at $6.72 after pulling 2.82% and 3.34% against the USD and ETH respectively in the last 24 hours. This might not come as surprise in contrast of this most digital coins are still struggling in the red even as the market continues to calm down.

Nano (NANO) recovery journey will be boosted by quality partnerships and user growth base response to the light wallet. The team behind the coin has its eyes set on market leadership not only by market capitalization but how active the user base will be once the project is complete.

With its rebranding, Nano has become a household name. Changing from Raiblocks (XRB) to the current brand name and it has endeared many traders and investors. The name changed in February and it has been observed that NANO price jumped by 38% with a ripple effect resulting in its market capitalization of $1.3 billion. This market a springboard is set to make it one of the most popular cryptocurrencies of the future.



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