Is Aeternity (AE) a worthy investment?

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Let’s face it, a good chunk of the altcoins in the market today, are “shitcoins” that offer no value at all. In fact, there is a good chance that in the future, a good number of them will fall off the map, with only the very best surviving. The challenge lies in telling good altcoins from overhyped projects that are just out to take your money.  To separate the good from the bad, you need to analyze each coin individually, and in this case, we will focus on Aeternity (AE).
The best starting point in analyzing this coin would be to first understand what it is all about. Aeternity is a blockchain project that aims to make other cryptocurrencies better. In other words, it is a project that eliminates inefficiencies in the cryptomarket. For instance, it is designed to be secure and scalable than both bitcoin and Ethereum, both of which have a serious scalability and security problems. On this front, Aeternity is a pretty good project since those two are some of the major problems facing cryptocurrencies at the moment. If this project can continue on its path of improving on scalability and security, then there is a good chance that it will grow in value, going into the long-run.
Aeternity (AE) also has a feature that allows for the forecasting of markets. It does this by enhancing information flow between different market players. On this front, it has a pretty good standing in the crypto market. There is a huge demand for accurate forecasts especially when it comes to the financial markets. This means the long-term potential of Aeternity is quite good, since it could easily end up dominating the financial markets.
It also has a feature called Oracle that allows users to ask questions, then get possibilities for action. This is an amazing feature that will make Aeternity quite useful in the marketing survey business. Considering that surveys are a critical element to the global advertising business, you can expect the value of this coin to grow significantly in coming years, as it gets adopted in the advertising industry.
This platform also allows for superfast micro-transactions, which makes it quite useful in the gaming industry and other industries that rely on tiny instantaneous transactions.  The ability to penetrate the global gaming industry is a huge feat in itself, and offers a serious fundamental value strength to this crypto going into the future.

Other than its features, Aeternity (AE) has a relatively small coin supply when compared to many other altcoins in the market. It has a total supply of slightly over 273 million. This is guaranteed to push up its value as more people demand it, based on the laws of demand and supply.
We can, therefore, conclude that Aeternity (AE) is a good project. This is nothing close to a shit coin. It is one of those projects that have the potential to surprise people once the crypto market rebounds. A valuation of $5 and above is possible in the near-term.




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