5 interseting Facts about Justin Sun the TRON (TRX) Founder

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When ventures take the world by storm, enthusiast will always question who is behind it. TRON (TRX) is no exception. With the waves the blockchain based cryptocurrency is making across the digital coin scene, everyone wants to know who Justin Sun is and what he stands for.

The name Justin Sun is not new when it comes to innovative technologies. He has been groomed by Jack Ma, the Alibaba founder. However, Sun is now the CEO of one of the largest and best voice streaming Application in China; PEIWO with over 10 million consumers across the globe. Is this what makes him a force to reckon with in the crypto-sphere? Let’s find out.

Justin Sun-TRON-Ripple Lab Connection

One exciting thing about cryptocurrencies is the shift from an old crypto to a new one. Well, this is true when one feels that the system is not servicing the needs of the user 100%. Having been inspired by Ripple (XRP) Justin Sun moved to create TRON (TRX); however he is still Ripples’ Lab Chief Representative and Advisor.

With past experience from the Chinese Voice Streaming Application, he has managed to create TRON a blockchain based ecosystem that is poised to take over the current content entertainment industry. TRON is ranked number 13 by market capitalization and its growth has been steady after the market crash.

Is TRON (TRX) Bull Run Possible?

Well, with the cryptocurrency markets, anything is possible especially for coins that are not solid. Justin Sun is not a novice in maters marketing.  After the ICO TRX was being traded at a low of $ 0.03 and slipped further down to $0.02 to start its recovery. The coin is currently trading at $0.044 after gaining 5.7 against the dollar in the last 24 hours.

The current traction is the investors bet time to get involved. With a decentralized entertainment concept in mind, the team behind TRON has ensured it remains in the best top performing digital coins in the 1st Q and this might be replicated in the 2 Q. with the TRX coin burn on the 31st March.

Justin Sun and TRON (TRX) Main Net Launch

Justin Sun believes a progressive network will perch TRON where it belongs. This is the basis why the main Net launch will be launched earlier than anticipated. This is a recipe on the platform. This will transform the platform to run at full node making all it possible to deploy custom digital assets, voting and seamless transactions.

Main Net deployment will translate into increased efficiency and safety akin to any fully decentralized blockchain outfit. However, the CEO indicated that the full functioning will be achieved through their marketing efforts. He is however keeping the news under wraps to avoid disclosing their marketing strategies. By looking at the trend and the cryptocurrency inroads to the content entertainment, it is clear there is no turning back.

Is TRON a threat to Facebook ?

The online content media has been dominated by a few multinationals, but TRON is not shying from testing the murky waters. The platform seeks to give the user direct control over their content. The system will do away with the current entertainment censorship and do away with “fake” property rights. What’s more, getting the power to publish content of your choice and getting rewarded for with TRX tokens is what the world is screaming for.

Once the gaming function is implemented with the TRX coin, content publication and distribution should flow seamlessly. Having a homegrown TRON PlayStation will become a reality and the cost will be reduced drastically. This explains why the TRON investor is already smiling.

Justin Sun Banking of TRON (TRX) Price

Keeping the TRON price under $1 has its own benefits for the long term investor and Justin Sun seems to have soft spot for the bullish state. The goal here is mass adoption of the coin whilst keeping gaming costs to the micropayment level. The target consumer is not the spend thrift here but the miser; small micro-payments for entertainment do not hurt the use wallet but pilled the value to the blockchain.

Investing in a cryptocurrency where the founder has it at heart is a surefire way of investing on an asset of the future. With many players in the content entertainment industry, choosing what suits you will be determined by price, accessibility and zero downtime, a fact that Justin Sun TRON (TRX) is banking on.



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