Top 5 wallets to keep your Tron (TRX) safe

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At the moment Tron TRX is an ERC20 Token, meaning that it uses the Ethereum network. However, the cryptocurrency plans to launch its mainnet later this year.

There is currently no Tron wallet, which is specifically designed for the crypto coin. As an ERc20 Token, Tron is compatible with most Ethereum wallets, and it is currently using these wallets. The development team however confirms that plans to develop a Tron wallet are underway and it will be live once the crypto coin launches its mainnet.

Features to look for when choosing the best Tron wallet

With that said, Tron TRX users will have to be very careful when choosing the right wallet to store their TRX coins. Below are the features to look for when looking for the best Tron wallet to keep their TRX safe:

  • The user must first ensure that the wallet is compatible with TRX coin. Not every wallet can allow TRX coins. Since it is an ERC20 Token, most Ethereum compatible wallets will also allow storage of Tron. However, the user should first confirm by doing sufficient research.
  • Ensure that the wallet is secure. Some of the security features to look for include the ability to retain the control of your private key since that is what will determine whether you will exclusively control your wallet. The user should also look for two factor authentication as well as the ability for the wallet to support multi signature. The wallet should also have sufficient mechanisms put in place to secure your funds from being stolen through hacking.
  • Also look at the ease of use of the wallet. You should look for a wallet that has a very friendly user interface. Especially if you are a beginner, you should ensure that you choose a wallet that isn’t too much complicated.

Best Tron TRX wallets

There are a number of wallets which allows storage of Tron including website wallets and hard ware wallets.

Below are the top Five Tron TRX wallets:

1. Ledger Nano S Wallet

This is a hardware wallet, which is compatible with a number of cryptocurrencies including TRX. The wallet has a very high level of security, and it is very easy to use in managing crypto coins.

2. TREZOR Wallet

This is also a hardware wallet, which is compatible with quite a number of cryptocurrencies including TRX. It offers a high level of security and it is also very easy to use.

3. MyEtherWallet

This wallet is the most common web wallet used by Ethereum users. It is also the best website wallet for ERC20 Token altcoins which include TRX.

Despite being a website wallet, it allows the user to store his/her private keys on his devise. This gives the user the control of his wallet.

4. MetaMask

This is also another website wallet, which is compatible with TRX. It uses an extension which is downloaded and attached to the browser.

5. Eidoo wallet

This is a mobile wallet which allows Tron TRX users to manage their crypto coins using their smartphones. This gives the user the freedom to manage his crypto coins on the go.



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