Stellar XLM Secret Weapons for 2018

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By digging deeper into the Stellar XLM ecosystems, you can easily unmask the secrets weapons the cryptocurrency has lined up for 2018 and beyond. This however does not mean you abandon your current cryptocurrency but rather re-thing your position in the cryptocurrency landscape.

In the competitive world of cryptocurrencies, it is important to surprise the investor and enthusiasts with new secrets. It is all about making live better for the user and protecting them from exploitation. The 2018 Stellar secret weapons will give you a new perspective in the digital money markets. Here are the top picks from Stellar that will keep you hooked to your XLM.

Stellar takes a Swipe of Ethereum Drawbacks

Ethereum has grown in popularity and probably in value through the smart contract concept. However, there are vulnerabilities that may shift ICO development from its platform to Stellar XLM. Too much trust was put on the smart contracts that it blinded the user from the fact that they are not 100% fool proof.

According to reports, out of 1million smart contracts downloaded, over 34,000 were found defective. This leaves the Ethereum house open for ICO to shift their base to a more secure platform and Stellar seems to have a soft spot for them. Stellar uses mega signatures in running smart contracts and this is what ICO’s of repute are looking for.

Stellar (XLM) Eyeing Ripple (XRP) Playing Ground

Stellar and Ripple are scrambling for the banking and cross-border currency transfer. They both offer gateways that connect the user and their blockchains via a banking or currency remittance platform. The two are fighting for the same market share and Stellar seems to target the capabilities of xRapid, xVia and xCurrent to beat Ripple in the game.

Stellar has a native distributed ledger and is run on consensus and does not involve mining activities. Integrating their nodes with other institutions’ system is easy. This makes Stellar the future of currency transfer and banks are the target. The current demand for XLM as opposed to XRP is a clear indication of the XLM intentions for 2018 and beyond.

Stellar Eyes on Partnerships to Unleash Potential

No single cryptocurrency can survive alone without support from partners and Stellar knows it. It has partnered with IBM and Deloitte giving the community more confidence to increase and maintain their stakes. With this strategic move, Stripe has endorsed the cryptocurrency and pledged full support for the project.

The Stallarport exchange is a brainchild of Stellar and focuses on wooing more ICO to the platform. The beauty of this exchange is that new ICO coins are made available to the market in real time. Hopefully the exchange will deploy FairX technology from IBM for fast trades once it is launched in May. This makes more sense as why more ICO and TGE’s will prefer Stellar to Ethereum; fast listing and direct Route to Market (RTM). The partnership with eToro is a quick-fire way to ease fiat-crypto trade hiccups.

New Technology on Stellar Network

Stellar XLM seems to focus beyond 2018 by embracing the Lighting network. This is a key lesson from Bitcoin network congestion and Stellar is not taking any chances. Block size is a true catalyst on how a blockchain platform adds value to the user by timely transaction confirmation. Stellar knows games are won through speed and accuracy.

Logically adopting the Lighting network is a preparation for mass adoptions. The consumer only cares about the convenience and this is what the platform is preparing for. With the increase of partners, capacity is an area of concern for the Stellar developer team. You cannot grow your user base without thinking of accommodating them.

Stellar Gearing for Global Appeal; Eyes the Huge African Market

With their expansion plans, Stellar XLM is looking beyond the traditional digital coin markets. With its main competitor looking for major financial institution partnerships, Stellar has gone the extra inch to reach the untapped African market. This is mostly the unbanked population of more than 1.2 residents above age 18.

With increased smartphone adoption and more users living in urban centers, the platform targets to share the spoils with MoneyGram and Western Union not forgetting the native East African M-pesa money remittance platform. Like the West, there is too much around cryptocurrencies and how they are proving convenient in cross-border money movement.

Whichever weapon Stellar XLM unleashes in 2018, the world is more ready to embrace what makes their lives better and discard that which sends the back to the 90’s. With conformity from regulators, the platforms’ industry interruption will start being felt as early as the end of Q2.



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