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The year 2018 will see a rally in privacy coins, if governments continue in their current trajectory of regulating cryptos. For instance, anyone looking to deal in crypto in the U.S right now would find it better to invest in privacy coins as opposed to public blockchain coins such as bitcoin. That’s because the U.S now classifies cryptos as securities, making for a complicated tax regime for traders. So which are the best privacy coins that investors can take advantage of in 2018 and make money? There are many of them, but the very best are Crypticcoin, Monero, and Zcoin.

  1. Crypticcoin

Crypticcoin will most definitely take the top spot once it launches its ICO. That’s because it makes use of IP obfuscation technologies to ensure that your transactions cannot be traced back to your IP address. This makes Crypticcoin a gem, especially when looking to deal in crypto in high regulatory environments. Once it launches and people get to learn of its power to make transactions untraceable, you can expect a huge surge in demand. Besides, Crypticcoin makes use of SPV (simple payment verification) technology, which makes transactions almost instantaneous.  This means that with Crypticcoin, you can send money anonymously to any part of the world, and instantly.  To get a hand in this top privacy coin, and for free, visit and take part in the FreeCo.

  1. Monero (XMR)

Monero is a very popular coin in the dark web. While this is not a good thing from an ethical perspective, it is an indicator that Monero’s privacy features are tested and proven. On top of that, Monero is a fungible coin, which means that a Monero coin will never lose its value on the basis of its history. These characteristics will continue to drive investors seeking privacy into Monero.

Moreover, the Monero team has just announced that they will be implementing new software updates that will make centralized mining impossible. This is a great value push for Monero because it means no single mining entity, will ever be able to manipulate it, for whatever reasons. These factors will give this coin an edge, as privacy coins continue to gain dominance in the market.

  1. ZCash (ZEC)

ZCash is probably the most practical privacy coins out there, and could easily dominate offshore wealth management in coming years. That’s because it makes use of zero-knowledge succinct non-interactive argument of knowledge proofs (zk-SNARKS) technology. This technology ensures that transactions can be verified to be true without revealing the identity of the sender. Like Crypticcoin, ZCash also makes use of IP obfuscation to ensure that transactions can never be traced back to the sender.  The ZCash team also works with some of the best cryptography minds on the planet, which means this crypto will get better over the years, and with that, its value will continue to grow.

An investment in any of these three coins has a good chance of ending the year on a positive note. The prevailing market environment is in their favor.



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