District0x (DNT): Launching the First Decentralized Meme Factory

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District0x (DNT) is a decentralised market that was launched in 2017 to bring together communities and market districts using a decentralised autonomous network. The mission was and still is to provide a platform for people to form districts on the network platform any no fee for a lifetime. The network was developed and powered by Ethereum, Aragon as well as IPFS. The d0xINFRA was created in such a way that it is open and extendable, to allow the districts to execute their functionalities using the specialized plug-in of auxiliary modules.

The district0x Network Token (DNT) is the cryptocurrency that powers the network and allows the internet citizens to join and contribute to the districts. It is primarily a staking token and is used by the internet citizens join their districts of interests, and participate in the governance of these districts.

On staling a certain number of distric0x Network Tokens to a particular district, the users are given the same amount of voting rights in that district. Voting rights bestows the power of governance to the people, for instance, selecting of the branding for the district, setting the code of conduct and even making decisions on the auxiliary modules to be integrated. Besides, the same voting rights are used to determine how the revenue is collected and distributed.

Introducing the Meme Platform 

Everybody loves memes, and they make people laugh and makes jokes on matters that could be serious when discussed directly. Memes spread rapidly across the internet while people are allowed to make various alterations to the original material. Memes could be in the form of images, texts, videos and so on. Consequently, the district0x project is launching a new district; the Meme Factory in 2018 on the Aragon Network. The coin DNT will be used to enable governance of the district. The company is also working on the Aragon Core platform on the Ethereum Mainnet, and it will be released at the same time as the Meme Factory.

The company will be leveraging the Aragon technology to establish the Meme Factory entity. There are some features and polling techniques from the Aragon that are essential for the success of district0x Network Token (DNT) as well as the Meme Factory. The users with voting rights courtesy of DNT coin will have the opportunity to decide the final implementation of the factory. They will also choose the design and the branding including page layout, size, shape and the type of memes.

The launch of the Meme factory will coincide with the release of a new token called DANK. This token will be developed on ERC20 token standardisation and will be utilised for token curation inside the Meme Factory. The staking for the Meme factory has already commenced.

The holders of District0x (DNT) are allowed to take part in the voting stages for the Meme Factory launch. The voting is a bit different from the previous because the users will have to transfer their DNT from their wallets to a wallet controlled by the voting contract until the time the voting is complete. The staked DNT will then be reimbursed to the holders in the form of the new token, DANK which will curate the Dank registry.

The DANK token is controlled by the community and the Meme Factory district participants. The community will choose the design of the logo, the meme format, website theme. The homepage lists and even the back-of-meme design. The Meme Factory project will be a great addition to the community. The community has been given all the powers to control the execution of the Meme Factory.


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