5 Ways QLink (QLC) Will Make you Divorce Your Mobile Service Provider

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Using mobile phones has become a way of life and QLink (QLC) seems to know it. You can hardly stay a day without making a call, sending a short message or just browsing to solve a simple problem. Have you ever thought of the amount of money these simple services consume?

Well, mobile telephony is an expensive lifestyle which needs to be changed. QLink is ready to interrupt the industry with a unique but innovative decentralized mobile network. Once the project is live, you will immediately divorce your favorite mobile telephony service provider and go the QLink way and here is how.

Lower Costs in the Telecommunication Industry

The goal of QLink (QLC) is to build the first world’s mobile network that will improve the current mobile telephony penetration. There are many states where the entire population is not covered by quality mobile network. These are areas where the innovative decentralized network envisions covering.

With this ambitious project, the cost of telecommunication infrastructure will be reduced significantly. This will on the other hand help reduce the cost of using your mobile phone.in addition; QLink will be rewarding those who are willing to share their idle network assets. This will be a win-win situation for the provider and user.

QLink Decentralized WiFi

With the QLink network, you will have access to a global decentralized WiFi sharing facility. As a platform participant you can share your WiFi hotspot with others and get rewarded for it. These rewards are in form of QLC coins or tokens. This will reduce the cost of the facility without any additional WiFi equipment.

All you need is to share your WiFi passwords and others can use the network. To make it better, if you own the hotspot, your QLink base station will be mining the QLink blockchain when it is idle. Your hotspot logins are secure since the sharing is set for Peer-to-peer sharing. This is ideal for small businesses in the same localities.

A QLink (QLC) Decentralized Billing System

As a decentralized billing system QLink allows you to buy mobile data bundles that you can use content distribution to individuals or groups. If you are in the business of data provision, this will be your ideal platform. The blockchain based data bundles are way cheap and you can do more with it especially if you are in the video streaming business.

Big Companies like YouTube, NetFlix and DTube will benefit more by purchasing mobile data through the QLink infrastructure. With the system, you can stream more videos at a lower cost. Once your content is registered, your connections in the network will benefit since you are the one sponsoring the data.

QLink Decentralized SMS Broadcast

If you are in the business of broadcasting programmable short massages, QLink has a solution for you. You can also register any unused SMS resources on the network and let those who need them utilize them while you get rewarded. This helps those businesses who distribute registration or verification codes through SMS. This can also be your ideal platform for broadcasting marketing short messages.

E2P messaging has become very expensive and a preserve for big companies and institutions. QLink seeks to change this and offer you an easy way to reach your audience.  Once the project is complete and live, you will be able to reach larger audiences and reap the benefits. This is s decentralized system and you are not restricted to a specific geo-location.

QLink Decentralized Base Station Deployment

If you are in the event planning industry, QLink (QLC) is for you. You can use their decentralized base state and deploy it to your venues. This comes in handy where the numbers of visitors drain the available mobile resources causing network congestions. All you have to do is deploy additional QLink enabled equipment and your fans will be able to communicate during the event.

This feature is ideal for open concerts and rallies where thousands are expected to attend. It ensures everyone stays connected during the entire even. These base stations are mobile and can be moved to any location you have an event.

For less than $1 you can join this revolutionary platform that will transform the way you use your mobile phone. The QLC coin is trading at $0.158769 after gaining 56.72% in the last 24 hours. The price will not remain low; there is a lot of potential and there is no better way to put your stakes on a platform set to interrupt the multimillion dollar telecommunication industry.

The project will improve the current networks but QLink (QLC) will have custom base stations that can be mounted on vehicles to utilize all idle resources. This is a unique crypto-economy that you need to be part of especially if you live in those black spots where networks are scanty.



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