5 Metal (MTL) Secrets you never Knew Existed

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It is true that many people find it hard to use cryptocurrencies. There are lots of private keys and secret codes that you need to keep tracking. Metal (MTL) cryptocurrency is about to change the entire landscape through a simple application where you can send are receive money and get paid for it. Payment processing has never been this easy.

Well, you do not have to rush to your local digital currency exchange and ask how to get into this exiting project. The project is still under construction and soon you will start earning however, here are some secrets that you need to keep in mind as you usher in this new Metal (MTL) revolutionary application.

Metal is a Currency Payment Processor

Yes, you heard me right; this is a different kind of payment processor. It pays you to send and receive money. For every transaction that you set or receive you earn between 1.32%. This application will be released by end of the month of March and will change how you interact with your digital currencies.

With the current regulations hitting hard on cryptocurrencies, Metal will not be released until cleared by the authorities. This is a good sign that it will hit the ground. Investor trust will be instilled from day one. However, according to the developer road map, the coin will be available this summer-end.

Once there is green light from the regulators, the application will be linked to most US banks accounts in all 50 states. This is a major milestone for this new kid on the blockchain. Giving back to the user means an instant hit that might send the MTL token price north.

Team behind the Metal (MTL) Ecosystem

The platform embraces diversity and has brought together experts from the best companies across the globe.  Large companies like Venmo, Visa and Apple have been forced to part with their best to bring Metal to live. All these efforts are to bring together a team that focuses on currency payment and passing the platform benefits to the ordinary user; this puts in control and under safe pair of hands.

However, the pre-sale trading has proved competitive but the coin has emerged as a sideway entrant spreading evenly across the board. There are no overselling reports which mean the coin reception is positive and is consolidating like any other coin of the future. Coin consolidation is a good sign of a high flying digital asset.

Metal (MTL) Cryptocurrency is Global

Metal (MTL) is a decentralized application. Apart from getting paid to receive and send money, you are not geo-restricted like the case with PayPal. You can send money to anyone anywhere in the world. You do not have to wait for your rewards; you get rewarded instantly after the transaction is confirmed by the system.

The application is user friendly and once you receive your earnings or POP through the reward program, you can convert these into MTL tokens. Any payments you receive are in MTL; the native Metal cryptocurrency. Any bonus you receive is ready to cash out and spend.

Easy to Send Money to your Bank

With the Metal application, you will be able to send money directly to your local bank. The project will enable all users to cash out their MTL coins easily. This is a very convenient way to convert your digital coins into fiat. The application will have features where you can bank and withdraw your funds without stepping in the banking hall.

The application is secure and hack proof. You only need to download it from their website and install on your home computer or smartphone. If you are the person who transacts on the goal in different currencies, this is the right application for you. The flagship Metal (MTL) partners include Wells Fargo, Chase, Best Bank of America, CitiBank, US Bank and PNC.

Metal is Affordable

The MTL token is ideal for any investors will to taking their banking experience to the next level. Currently the coin is trading at $5.54 after off-loading a 7.75% in the last 24 hours. With the value proposition it comes with, this is an ideal entry pint if you are ready to earn every time you receive or send money using the Metal (MTL) application. There are indications that the coin will moon soon after the launch.


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