5 Interesting Facts about SiaCoin (SC)

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Whether you are in freelancing or in healthcare, SiaCoin (SC) has you covered. The amount of data generated across the world is overwhelming.  Any data generated is worth storing and this is what the little cryptocurrency is trying to do. Authentic data is very important and a secure storage is important for you to benefit.

SiaCoin goal is to come up with a new way to appreciate data. Handling of sensitive data required a central depository that is secure and trustworthy. SiaCoin has the capacity to safe guard all your sensitive information from manipulation and hacking. Here are 5 data storage hacks that you can try.

SiaCoin (SC) is a Cloud Based Data Storage Platform

This might sound far-fetched but the truth is you need a strong depository to store sensitive data. This is a blockchain based platform where you have control of what you store. You are the only person with access to your data. Storing important files securely in a decentralized way is a surefire way of ensuring it remains immutable.

SiaCoin connects people looking for data storage space with those with space. You get your information hosted in cloud storage at a small fee. You cannot compare the features of SiaCoin with that of Amazon S3, Google Drive, DropBox or ICloud. SiaCoin storage is smart contract oriented for quality data safekeeping.

SiaCoin is a Mode of Payment

SiaCoin offers data storage as-a-service and every transaction on the platforms is paid for using SC tokens. SC is the currency unit used on the platform to pay for the space you rent. The charges depend on the amount of data which is space is calculated. You cannot use other cryptocurrencies to directly pay for your services on the SiaCoin platform.

Using SiaCoin (SC) as a spendable asset gives the SC token value. There are several hosts on the platform that you can buy space from. These depend on the amount of space you require for your data custody. Big companies source for hosts on the SiaCoin network and deposit SC tokens as payment. All the transactions are smart contract enabled making then secure and trusted. Since funds are in your system custody defaults are automatically deducted from your wallet make the system 100% reliable.

SiaCoin Secure Data Sharing

Ant data that is stored and shared on the SiaCoin ecosystem is encrypted. The files are trimmed to smaller bits without altering the information. Other platform users do not have access to your information. The users who volunteer to rent out their space cannot access these files even after the lease expires.

When files are compacted, transactions and sharing speeds are much higher. With SiaCoin, you only pay around $2 per 1TB of the blockchain while Amazon S3 charges $23 and Storj $0.015 for 1GB per month. Whichever way you look at it, SiaCoin is value for your money.

SiaCoin is Global and for All

Since you cannot participate on the SaiCoin platform without first funding your wallet with SC tokens, the platform has partnered with exchanges of repute where you can convert your other currencies to SC coins. You can use Buttrex, Crytopia or HitBTC. However, you can only use BTC or ETH to buy your SC.

Mining is another option you can use to fund your SiaCoin (SC) wallet. You can mine from anywhere any time as long as you have the right mining hardware. This is not easy since the recommended hardware manufacturer price is over $2300 and retail being higher.

SiaCoin is a Professional Asset

Any individual or organization using data should consider SiaCoin (SC) platform as a good resource that saves them money and provides tamperproof information to enhance professionalism. The token is also an investment area you can explore. Investing in SC now is a god entry point. The coin is trading at $0.025229 after registering a 13.30%in the last 24 hours.

As the popularity of cloud storage increases, it will trigger the value of the coin. What’s more, you can customize your storage space depending on your needs. Storing real time and sensitive data has never been this simple. Anyone can use SiaCoin (SC) platform as long as they interact with information worth storing or sharing.


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