Dash (DASH) Innovative Spring; Industry Veteran, Glenn Austin is the new CFO

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The Dash (DASH) Core Group has recently taken steps to patent its technology innovation ideas in the United States. The company released a series of press releases for PR purposes on the same; however, the Ryan Taylor, Dash CEO this week published a detailed report on the details of the patents and what the community should expect in the next few months before summer. In addition to that, Taylor also talks about the new CFO, Glenn Austin and what his role in the company.

The United States requires patent filing to be done on March 6 every year. This year Dash took time to file for patents on its wide range of Evolution innovations. Similarly, the provisional filing, though limited gives the company the freedom to share the details of the impending design systems, for example, technical improvement proposals and demos. Besides, patenting ensures that Dash ideas are protected from competitors who could preempt the ideas by filing similar patents. The team is excited that the process of filing for patents went on smoothly and for them, it’s a huge milestone.

The team has, however, made it clear that the details of provisional patents are not public record. Although, they prevent the competitors and other related parties from claiming the patented ideas. Dash Core Group will be required to file for the full patent application in the next one year; or in other words, by March 6, 2019. This particular filing is entitled “Methods and Systems for Object Validated Blockchain Accounts.”

Dash (DASH team recently announced to its community that they should get ready for a busy spring as they get down to releasing the earlier mentioned demos, Dash Improvement Proposals or otherwise known as DIPs. There will also be increased communication through blog posts from the development department. The team has already released the first demo, while

the patents are purely defensive considering that Dash is an open source project. This patents will ensure that the users and merchants continue to enjoy the services without interruptions from any party with an ulterior motive. Subsequently, many technology companies are battling with what is known as patent trolls.

The Chief Financial Officer

After months of searching for the right Chief Financial Officer, Glenn Austin has been chosen from a wide selection of candidates. The new CFO has great passion for the success of Dash while at the same, is widely known for his contribution to the financial sector. Austin has over 20 years of experience in financial services. He started his career as an associate at Citigroup, and later he moved to Morgan Stanley where he then climbed the ladder to become Vice President of the Morgan Stanley Investment management. After leaving Morgan Stanley, he joined UBS; where he took up leadership positions.

Dash (DASH) CEO, Ryan Taylor said in a statement, “Glenn is a highly-skilled financial professional with well-rounded experience spanning strategy and operations.”

He added, “His role will help the Dash Core Group optimize its growing operations and manage financial risks within the decentralized governance system that has set the Dash project apart.”

Glenn Austin is the right addition to Dash (DASH) at the time when there are growing uncertainties due to regulations. Dash coin is a coin that is focused on anonymous transactions. Therefore, it is bound to face a lot more risks compared to other less private cryptocurrencies. The coin however, has lower transaction fees, faster transactions and is growing at an impressive pace. Dash Evolution will be launched later this year. Its release will spur growth in the cryptocurrency industry as it will become the first easy to use “one click’ decentralized payment processing platform.


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