5 Interesting Facts about Storm (STORM) Every Freelancer Should Know

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Storm (STORM) is a straight forward platform that is designed to connect freelancers and employers remotely. With ever growing demand for remote workers, the company behind the network, StormX has come with a digital market place where workers can freely interact with prospective employers to complete aid tasks.

The Storm platform matches workers with suitable tasks using their in-house parameters. Like non-blockchain platforms, you are matched according to your skill sets, experience and how much you charge part task performed. Since it is a decentralized digital market place, the participants or markers comprise of sellers, companies and advertisers offering various task to freelancers or storm players.

Any task you complete successfully, you get rewarded with in-house bolts” and you can convert these to STORM native tokens. These are easily converted into other cryptocurrencies like BTC or ETH. Below are some facts about Storm (STORM) as a freelancer you should know.

Earn More on the Storm Platform than Anywhere Else

With the decentralized platform, you are protected from exploitation by middlemen. With the traditional freelancer sites, you are charged between 20-40% of your rewards. With Storm, you earn more since transactions costs are minimal. Some of the most established platforms are Upwork, Fiverr and MTurk.

With Storm, you retain most of your rewards and there are no restrictions on your location. You are not limited on the amount and time to withdrawal. Money is not stored in escrow since the platform employs smart contracts to release any amounts due to you once the employers accepts your task as complete.

Storm is Global Platform

With some traditional freelancing platforms restricted to certain geographical locations, Storm is global. You can perform any task from anywhere, any time. On the other hand, employers will allocate you tasks depending on your skill set and experience in your field and not where you are located. You only need an internet enabled gadget and get to work.

By 23rd March, the application had registered over 1.4 million downloads. If these are translated to users, the digital market place is set to grow bigger than several traditional platforms combined. Employers are looking for a platform where they pay less in commissions and get value for their money while the freelancer is looking for a platform where they earn their rightful dues and in return give their all.

No Risks Involved with Storm (STORM)

With a decentralized freelancer-employee platform, there are no risks involved since all risks are removed. There are disputes involved between the participants since rules of engagement are covered by the smart contracts. The system helps you save time and money following up on disputes.

When processes are controlled by smart contracts, productivity increases and the employer get better results. Transaction costs are drastically reduced and this means freelancers get higher rewards compared to traditional freelance platforms.

Storm Grows your Brand Globally

As an employer or freelancer, Storm gives free tools to spread your brand globally. As a storm player or storm marker, you gain exposure throughout the world at no cost unlike traditional platforms where you pay to get higher perks or blog to get your name in the global arena.

This way your brand grows with the efficiency it comes with. As a freelancer you earn more and have access to a steady flow of tasks. Once you download the Storm (STORM) application, you are set to grow your freelance business to the next level.

Reduced Transaction Costs; No Middlemen

With traditional freelance platforms, the issue of middle men has fleeced the participants for a long time. With storm, your earnings are not sent through the bank or a third party money processor like PayPal or Pioneer; you only need to create a digital wallet where you store your Storm tokens safely.

Given the demand for a level playing ground in the freelancing world, Storm (STORM) future appears bright. What has been lacking in the current systems is trust. With blockchain smart contracts, this should be a thing of the past. it is about time you invested on t this on-demand platform.


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