Why Crypticcoin is the next big thing in cryptocurrency

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Crypticcoin is a relatively new kid in the world of blockchain. However, it aims to enter the market with a revolutionary and rather unconventional approach. Unlike most coins that get launched through ICOs, this cryptocurrency will launch through a FreeCO. In full, it stands for “Free Coin Offering’.  This is whereby the early adopters get to receive prizes in the form of free coins. ICOs mostly favor the rich who can splash loads of cash and make big gains. Furthermore, with the nebulous explosion of new cryptos by the day, there are also rising cases of scam ICOs that take investors hard-earned cash then disappear in thin air.

Such occurrences have increased skepticism towards cryptocurrencies; a factor that has slowed down adoption and confidence in the medium. But with crypticcoin, you do not have to worry about all these problems. A FreeCO is a low-risk method for new adopters to try their hands at cryptocurrency trading. Since there is no investment involved in obtaining your first coins, there is nothing to lose. In fact, you have some currency to gain! So, let us take a sneak peak on some of its key features.

Secure wallets

Crypticcoin comes with its own secured wallet. This will enable you to safely store your private keys from the ever prying eyes of hackers and online scammers. It is well understood that cyber criminals are constantly upping their game. For this reason, crypticcoin utilizes the most cutting edge technology to provide top-class encryption. However, one should still observe caution since some creative hackers can scam you with offers and promotions that require payment in cryptocurrency. They do not necessarily have to access your wallet.

Anonymous transactions

With crypticcoin, users can anonymously send and receive funds. We are living in a time where privacy is fast becoming a luxury. Governments nowadays want to access the private information and activities of citizens. This is an infringement of some civil rights and crypticcoin provides a safe haven from such threats. Other cryptos that claim to be secure do not actually provide full-proof protection of both transactions and user information.

For instance, some cryptocurrency exchanges do not properly mask your IP address though the transaction details are kept private. With this, your use of a given cryptocurrency can easily get tracked. Crypticcoin uses a technology known as TOR IP obfuscation. Here, your IP address is completely hidden and nobody can trace your activity.

Lightning fast speeds

Aren’t we all tired of the agonizing wait we undergo while waiting for transactions to mature within banking institutions? Nobody wants to be kept waiting for their money, and some banks can even take up to 4 working days to process an international transaction. How unfortunate.

Crypticcoin offers super-fast transaction speeds. They do this through the use of SPV or ‘Simple payment Verification’ technologies. This means that your international transactions get processed in less than a minute. Most cryptos have not yet adopted this tech, making crypticcoin among the pioneers.

Legal compliance

Some countries have implemented anti-anonymity legislations. This is quite understandable since there is a lot of illegal and harmful activities involving currency transactions, weather online or offline. If you find yourself in such a country, there is no need to lose any sleep over this matter. Crypticcoin will come to your rescue with their flexible feature that allows the transaction of currency through a public ledger.

This means that transactions get carried out in a transparent manner in which anyone can access the records on the ledger. Therefore, traders can still enjoy all the other features of crypticcoin even while in restrictive countries. All these Combined with the fact that it will soon hold a FreeCO, this is a great opportunity to grab onto this amazing cryptocurrency. To do so, just go to https://crypticcoin.io/freeco-signup/ and claim your coins today!


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