Arcblock (ABT) ICO sold out in 20 minutes! How good is this project?

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Arcblock (ABT) is one of those projects that every investor wanted to get involved in at the ICO stage. So much so, that the project’s ICO sold out in under 20 minutes across 170 countries. So what is it about this project that makes it so attractive?

Well, to understand why Arcblock is so attractive, you first need to understand what it is. Arcblock is basically what you would describe as blockchain 3.0. It aims to make it easier for people to launch Dapps across multiple platforms. In essence, it is not about creating new blockchains, but rather allowing users to use existing blockchains to create usable applications. User driven applications will open up blockchain technology to the masses, and take it to the next level.  This alone is a good enough reason to make Arcblock an attractive project in the eyes of investors.  But besides that, there are several other factors that place Arcblock (ABT) at the top of every investor’s wish-list.

One of the most important of them is the project roadmap. Very few projects have roadmaps that are as elaborate as the Arcblock roadmap. Take for example the plans to launch the first consumer targeted application on Arcblock in this quarter. Once this is actualized, it will place Arcblock on the map, as the future of blockchain technology. Arcblock also aims to develop adaptability to the Ethereum blockchain within this quarter, to allow for cross blockchain connections. These two aspects of the roadmap are good news to the value of Arcblock. It’s easy to see why investors are so interested in this project at this point.

On top of that, Arcblock has an awesome team behind it. All the members of the team have extensive experience in their respective fields, and have brought the same into Arcblock. Take the CEO for example, Mr. Robert Mao. This is a guy who has a worked as a researcher for Microsoft for years. He definitely knows a thing or two about using tech research to come up with projects that solve existing, and upcoming market needs.

Another great aspect of Arcblock (ABT) is that it has a very low coin supply. Most crypto coins with a low coin supply tend to have higher valuations than their counterparts that have billions of coins in the market. That’s why some projects are constantly trying to burn coins, in an attempt to increase coin value. In the case of Arcblock, there are only 186 million coins in the market.

Going by the high demand for this token at the ICO level, and the project’s strong road map, the low coin supply will be a welcome catalyst in pushing up its value.

With such a strong fundamental backing, Arcblock (ABT) might very easily get to $5 and above in coming months. All the team has to do is implement on the roadmap. If everything goes well, this is a coin that is headed to the moon! No doubt about it!


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