$250k Binance (BNB) coins still up for grabs! Keep crypto-space safe and get paid!

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You probably already know that there was an unsuccessful attack on the Binance exchange on the 7th of March. Since then, the company has been quite proactive in trying to find out who orchestrated the attack and have them apprehended. That’s why they have offered a $250k worth of Binance coins (BNB) reward to anyone who has information.

According to the company’s recent updates, they already have some hints that the attack came from Eastern Europe, but they are yet to nail the actual culprits. That’s why they are still appealing to you to provide any information you might have. The company is ready to receive that information anonymously, and still reward you for it.

Providing this information could easily change your life for good. I mean, think about this way, you are getting $250k worth of a fast appreciating asset. That’s money that could be worth more than $1 million within 2018. Why is that? Well, after Binance made this announcement, the value of Binance coin (BNB) has been on a steady rise. That’s because the company has created the impression that they actually care about the security of their customer’s money. This has played into the investors’ psychology, who now believe in Binance more than ever.

This is having an impact on the value of Binance coin, as the coin has seen a steady price increase from that point on. In essence by volunteering any leads that can lead to the arrest of the criminals involved in this attempted hack, you are actually positioning yourself on the path to wealth, and financial freedom, all for free.

Besides, Binance has announced that there is a possibility that the hackers involved might have tried the same on other exchanges, and there is a likelihood that they might succeed at some point. Considering the negative impact that successful hacks have had on the value of the crypto market in the past, you wouldn’t want a hack to succeed. That’s why it makes sense to volunteer that information and help stabilize the crypto market, after its recent fall. You will not only be doing yourself a favor as an investor in crypto space, but also getting paid well for it.

The less hacks we have in this space, the better it is for all investors. That’s because the market will rebuild confidence, attract new money, and avoid harsh regulations that governments might think of instituting against cryptos. The more proactive we in crypto space are at keeping the crypto environment safe, the less outside forces will interfere with this market.

For instance, if people had been more proactive in outing scam ICOs, Google and Facebook would not have taken the measures that they took recently. They took those measures as a reaction to the scams that were taking over crypto advertising, and people were beginning to complain.

That’s why anyone with information on potential exchange hacks should do everything within their power to reveal it! For the good of all investors!



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