Stratis (STRAT) is highly undervalued at current prices: It’s time to jump in

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In a down market like the one we are currently experiencing, it makes sense to go for a project that has a clear vision, such as Stratis (START). So why Stratis you may be wondering? Well, a quick snapshot of the project can tell you that it has everything that makes for a great project.

Take the Stratis academy for example. This academy is designed to help both developers and small business owners understand the impact of blockchain technology on their lives, and how it can make their lives better. As a matter of fact, the reason blockchain technology has not seen any significant adoption up to this point is because people just don’t understand the technology.

Most people only got exposed to blockchain technology during the December high, and that knowledge was limited to speculation. That’s why the Stratis academy is a sure bet in terms of introducing more people to blockchain technology. Once people learn and understand it through the Stratis academy, the first coin they are most likely to buy is Stratis (START) coin. It may not look like much of a deal right now, but in the long-run, it will sure give this crypto a massive value boost.

Then there is the fact that Stratis coin is prove-of-stake, and allows investors to run Masternodes. For one to run a Stratis Masternode, they need to have at least 250,000 Stratis coins in their wallet. That’s a high number of coins, and is guaranteed to push up the value of Stratis coin in the long-run. How, you may wonder? Well, when people run Masternodes with such a high number of coins, it means that as the value of the coin increases, the number of coins in circulation decline.

That reduced supply will play a role in pushing up the value of Stratis coin in the long-run solely on the forces of demand and supply. Besides, it is mainly whales who will most likely run these Masternodes. Such investors tend to have a long-term view of the market, and are unlikely to offload their holdings, and negatively affect the value of Stratis coin.  Such large Masternodes are a plus for Stratis, and places it way ahead of many other altcoins in the market.

On top of that, Stratis has a very strong use case potential. For instance, the Stratis platform can be used to connect consumers with manufacturers hence eliminating middlemen and the issue of deadstock.  It works the same way as Amazon, albeit on the blockchain. What happens is that with Stratis, a consumer can enter what they want in the blockchain, allowing the manufacturer to produce what that consumer wants, when they want it. As more manufacturers get to learn of this aspect of Stratis, you can expect its value to grow significantly in the long-run since it helps them cut on costs.

Considering all these factors relative to Stratis (START) current price, one can say that this is a project that is way undervalued. Getting in now gives you a good long-term profit potential. You should definitely check it out.


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