Bytecoin (BCN) highly awaited 20th March event

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20th March is a great day for the Bytecoin (BCN) investors. The Bytecoin development team will be launching their New API Stable wallet.

The API wallet is set to revolutionize the way BCN coins are stored completely. It will add a completely new design and features compared to the old wallet model.

This release comes right on the heels of the AMA announcement on Reddit that occurred on 13th, which was to focus on the hard fork and GitHub. The Hard fork is however slated for June 12th.

Bytecoin (BCN)’s wallet has been updated severally in the past, like when the Aggregate Multi-Addresses were incorporated. But this upcoming release of a New API will completely change the usability of the wallet.

Bytecoin New API Stable Wallet

I know you must be asking what is all this about the new API Stable wallet.

The old wallet RPC Wallet required the user to first generate a container file where all the data (addresses and private keys) is stored. Also, to get access to the old version of the RPC wallet, users were required to first visit the Bytecoin’s official website or the Bytecoin’s section of the GitHub website and run the Bytecoin’s wallet command from either of the two sites.

The whole process of synchronizing the RPC wallet to your device was very time consuming and hectic for users. That is the reason as to why the development team has worked on releasing the new API stable wallet.

With the new API wallet, there is an extended functionality and better synchronizing. Online businesses will now have a flawless integration with the Bytecoin platform. The process of downloading the wallet and linking it to the user’s device will be greatly simplified and users can conveniently use the new wallet.

Among the things that the new API Stable RPC wallet will feature are:

  1. Receiving and sending of Bytecoin payments.
  2. Ensuring that each user gets a unique address.
  3. Allow management of business accounts.
  4. Ability to transfer the wallet key from one server to another. The new wallet will have the getSpendKeys and getViewKeys functions to allow the user to view and save his/her keys from one server to another.
  5. The user will also be able to verify the transactions using the delayed transaction function which allows the user to delay any transactions as he/she verifies it. By so doing, the user will be sure that every transaction passes every checking step.
  6. The New API will guarantee users direct access to the Bytecoin blockchain. In so doing, users will now be able to acquire the harsh list of previous transactions so as to calculate and compare with the current transaction harsh. The user will also be able to access transaction ID of previous transaction in a bid to confirm anything.

Any price actions ahead of the release?

The release is eagerly awaited by many. And many investors who have wanted to use the Bytecoin (BCN) but hesitated due to the long process of synchronizing the wallet and other difficulties experienced while using the old RPC Bytecoin wallet are now eager to try out the new wallet.

There are already increased volatility in the Bytecoin (BCN)’s market and this is expected to reach its peak tomorrow after the release.



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