Impending Events on TRON: Why you should Hold on to TRX

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TRON (TRX) is a decentralized ledger protocol that was developed on the blockchain technology and aims at building an entertainment framework to contribute to the distribution of free content around the world. It utilises the decentralised distributed storage provided by the blockchain technology. Tron users can publish, store and even own data. Consequently, the user chooses to distribute the content using the autonomous decentralized form.

TRON (TRX), just like many other cryptocurrencies in the market has been through rough waters with most of them depreciating over 50% of their value. Cryptocurrencies recorded all-time highs late last year. However, the upside gains were thwarted in the first two months this year due to the increasing speculation and price fluctuations following fears of regulations from various countries. Similarly, TRX exchanged hands at $0.30 in January but embarked on a downward roll that has seen its price hit rock bottom to trade at $0.03 at the time of writing this article. The holders of TRON have been concerned due to troubling prices. However, it is not all bad news as TRON has confirmed four events to take place on March 31, 2018. These events are a positive gesture in the community, and there is a possibility that TRX will be shooting up again.

TRON Coin Burn on March 31, 2018
Burning coins works on the principle of proof of burn which is an alternative to proof of work as well as proof of stake. The consensus algorithm requires that the miners provide the proof that they burned the coins. However, what happens is that the coins are sent to a verifiable and unspendable wallet. It works in the same way as proof of work, although it does not consume any resources except burning the coins. Technically, holders do not lose any coins in the burn, but the scarcity after the burn plays an essential role in increasing the value of the coin. TRON coin burn will also update the technology and is a positive thing for the community.

First Beta Launch March 31, 2018
TRON is expected to launch the first beta version-Exodus on March 31. The new technology is set to offer more advantages in comparison to the current blockchain systems. For instance, an increased performance that will lead to at least 1,000 transactions per second while keeping the fees at the minimum low. In addition to that, the impending beta version will encompass the TRON virtual machine (TVM). The tool will enable small smart contracts to be created in various programming languages including Java compiled into byte-code by the Tron compiler. Similarly, the update will also include monitoring tools along with an Application Blockchain Interface to be used by developers.

TRON Test Net Launch March 31, 2018
TRON test net will pave the way for running a full node as well as allow for the deployment of customised digital assets. In addition to that, it will enable sending and receiving of transactions as well as voting. The test net is expected to have all the functions of a basic blockchain including checking data. The test net will allow for testing in readiness for the main net that is expected to hit the market on May 1.

TRON Mainnet Launch May 1
The TRON (TRX) holders should sit tight wait for TRON main net launch which is expected to separate TRON from Ethereum. This event is expected to propel TRX to the moon. For example, the main net will operate at the lowest fees (0.000005 cents per transaction). The lower costs will improve the adaptability of TRON across the world. After detaching from Ethereum blockchain, TRON scalability will be infinite, achieving over 1000 transactions per second. Therefore, it presumed that many businesses would be looking to partner with TRON which in turn will help to push its price higher. Furthermore, the intrinsic value of TRON will increase its trading volumes on the exchanges.

TRON (TRX) mission is to be a valuable asset in the cryptocurrency industry by increasing the ability to develop smart contracts. The events starting on March 31 will place TRON at the centre of innovation in the crypto space even allowing people to build smart contracts in Java and other programming languages. TRON holders have all the reasons to hold on to TRON or even acquire more. The price of TRON has decreased tremendously in the last three months, but after these events, the crypto will start seeing substantial gains.


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