Traxia (TMT) and SP8DE’s launch will push Cardano ADA to over $10 in the near future

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When Cardano ADA first came into the picture, investors were very bullish about it. So bullish that this crypto rallied to over $1, despite being a work in progress. Unfortunately, after the recent bear run in the crypto market, Cardano has suffered massive losses.

YouTube videos and articles bashing it have not helped the situation. The key point that is used to bash Cardano is that it has surged in value yet there is no project running on its main net.  Such assertions have got even long-term Cardano holders confused, wondering whether this crypto will ever rise again. Well, here is some good news for you Cardano HODLERs, two projects will be launching on the Cardano platform soon!

The projects in question are Traxia (TMT) and SP8DE. Traxia is a token that wants to revolutionize invoice financing, a market that is worth over $40 trillion. This token will be launching on Cardano on the 19th of March. You should definitely watch out for it. On its part, SP8DE is a token for an online gambling platform that will be launching on the Cardano platform soon too.

The launch of these two projects could be the catalyst that Cardano ADA needs to move to the next level, and here is why. Firstly, Cardano has always presented itself as the smart contract platform that is based on a scientific philosophy.  Therefore, if these two projects take off successfully, without any scalability issues, it will be a gotcha moment for Cardano.

Its value will surge considering that the Cardano team will have managed to solve the main problem facing major smart contract platforms like Ethereum. The team will have proven that its scientific approach to the project is working. This could easily push Cardano not just back a dollar, but possible to highs of over $10. And that’s not a hyperbole. Just picture this for a moment, if Ethereum with all its flaws, especially the scalability problem has managed to grow to over $1000, how much more can Cardano if it successfully solves these problems.

The second reason why the launch of these two projects is a big deal for Cardano ADA is the psychology of investing.  From the very beginning, investors has a massive confidence in the Cardano project. That’s why its price grew so fast in the first place, even before it could launch a working project. The recent price drop has simply been a psychological issue, with investors responding to FUD that Cardano was overvalued.  However, the same psychological effect that drove down Cardano is the same one that will play a role in pushing it back up, now that these two projects are about to launch on the platform.

Once these two projects launch and do so successfully, we are likely to see a massive increase the value of Cardano as FOMO kicks in.  The excitement that will surround this launch could easily push Cardano to $1 in the short-term, with a sustained uptrend taking root once the overall crypto market resurges. If you have ever thought about investing in Cardano ADA but had doubts, this is your best chance to invest in this project!

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