Lisk (LSK) Upcoming Events to Bolster Adoption of the Blockchain Project

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Lisk (LSK) ICO ended in March 2016 with the crowdfunding event amassing more than 14,000 BTC. While there is still a lot of buzz about Lisk, not many know about it or actively partake in it. It is a platform to allow for the development of decentralized apps. But while other projects like Ethereum use a new and difficult coding language and have one blockchain that incorporates all the dapps, Lisk does something different.

The sidechain feature and the Lisk SDK allows developers to build their dapps using JavaScript on a sidechain connected to but independent of the main chain. To propel Lisk further into the limelight, there are a couple of events related to it in the coming days.

Lisk (LSK) Events

The first event is exclusive for Lisk. Lisk USA’s Edward Trosclair will conduct a presentation in University of California – Berkeley on March 17 from 2 pm PST. The presentation will center on how Lisk aims to solve the current issues like scalability that plague the blockchain industry using their sidechain approach. It will also help listeners and developers understand how they can develop decentralized apps on Lisk using JavaScript.

The other event is the Token 2049 in Hong Kong on March 20-21. It brings together developers and entrepreneurs in the crypto world from across the globe. People pitch ideas and promote and enlighten others about their projects and services. Max Kordek will be presenting on Lisk in this event which has the attention of the entire world.

Use of JavaScript in Lisk

Even though the idea was much talked about before and after the ICO in 2016, there were many misconceptions about Lisk which led Max Kordek himself to write a lengthy blog post addressing all those misconceptions. He talked at length about what Lisk is, and more importantly, what Lisk isn’t.

He explained how Lisk is a decentralized app platform similar to Ethereum but with a few substantial differences. For starters, Lisk allows dapp development in JavaScript. With the coding language’s widespread usage and understanding, Lisk (LSK) developers felt it would greatly help developers get started with their blockchain project.

There are other programming languages we could have used, which owing to their strongly typed nature, make it less probable for the developer to write bad code. However, that doesn’t mean these languages do not come with other important trade-offs. We chose JavaScript because it runs literally everywhere, is extremely popular & widespread, and has huge companies like Google or Microsoft working on its speed and security across a wide range of devices. Therefore, its ever-increasing developer base and ease of access played a huge role in that decision.

This is what he said about Lisk’s decision to opt JavaScript over other coding languages considered more secure. It would also result in a larger pool of developers using the service to develop their dapps.

The sidechain feature is pretty nifty and allows developers to test their dapp as much as they want before making it live. The development process is helped by the Lisk SDK which allows developers to work on both back end and front end. It is an out of the box solution which aids and boosts the development process greatly. Although there are ways to hide code in JavaScript, Lisk creators feel most developers will decide against it to establish trust with their users.

This is pivotal for Lisk since it will give birth to a community where the breakthrough of one developer can help the others. If someone stumbles upon a new feature or improvement on the sidechain feature then others can simply copy and tweak it for their dapp to use it. This results in a partnered collaboration which eventually improves the service as a whole for both users and developers.

The two events relating to Lisk (LSK) will help clarify any persisting doubts about Lisk. They also present an opportunity for the Lisk team to show developers how they can use their platform for their dapps. It also has a directory for all the dapps created and hosted on the platform.



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