FreeCOs like the Crypticcoin FreeCo are the future of ICOs

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Sometime back, Facebook imposed a ban on all crypto related adverts. Now Google has followed suit and will be banning crypto in June. The underlying reason behind these bans is the rise of scam ICOs that take people’s money pre-ICO, then never implement the financed projects.

Throughout 2017, people have lost millions of dollars in such ICOs. In fact, for it to get to the point where tech giants are taking action, the public outcry must be overwhelming.  But even without this ban, the increased losses to scam ICOs are making many people lose faith in crypto. It has reached a point where it is no longer easy to tell a good ICO from a bad one. This then begs the question, what is the future of ICOs?

A critical review of the market can tell you that the future of launching new coins lies in FreeCOs like the Crypticcoin FreeCo. Unlike a traditional ICO where investors are required to send money before the project launches, in a FreeCo, you just have to register with the project and you get some free coins. You only get to invest later when the project is up and running.

So why is this the future of ICOs? Well, for starters it will instill confidence in the projects launching them.  That’s because, under this model investors are sure that the project they are getting involved with is not after their money.  This trust is what will get them to invest later along when the project requires their money in order to launch. You can expect projects that launch FreeCOs to grow faster than traditional ICOs in the long run. It’s a psychological issue. When money is not the first thing that people are asked for, they tend to believe that whatever they are being sold is genuine.

Then there is also the fact that FreeCOs are easier to market through other methods that don’t require Google advertising. Take Reddit for example. If you were to take a FreeCo to Reddit, people are likely to respond well given that it doesn’t cost them a thing. In fact, if the project is solid, platforms like Reddit can spread that information quite fast, and increase the chances of success of the coin offer. That’s because people still have the hunger for ICOs, it’s just that the increasing number of scams in this area of the crypto industry is dampening investor confidence.  As such, when given the opportunity to participate in an ICO without any monetary commitment in the initial stages, you can expect the demand to be quite high.

That’s why a FreeCo like the upcoming Crypticcoin coin ICO is guaranteed to succeed. This FreeCo is bringing one of the most revolutionary privacy coins to the market. Given that privacy coins are the future of cryptocurrencies in the face of increased regulations, you can expect the Crypticcoin FreeCo to be a major hit with investors. To participate in this FreeCo, visit the Crypticcoin website,, and register. The upside potential for this coin once it launches is massive.



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